18th Round Table Europe – 14-15 November 2024 – Florence

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14th Round Table Europe – 18 & 19 November 2021 – Prague

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9th Round Table Asia-Pacific – October 2021 – Tokyo

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8th Round Table Asia-Pacific – 17 & 18 September 2020 – Seoul

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7th Round Table Asia-Pacific – 18 and 19 September 2019 – Pattaya

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13th Round Table Europe – 4 November 2019 - Brussels

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12th UIA Round Table Europe 2018

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6th Associations Round Table Europe 2012

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Florence, Italy

18th Round Table Europe – Florence

14 & 15 November 2024
Palazzo Degli Affari, Florence, Italy

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Brussels, Belgium

Virtual Round Tables 2024

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What participants said about past UIA Round Tables

"Some very relevant topics were covered and great networking opportunities possible."

- Amanda Millard, International Wool Textile Organization

"Excellent event, lot to learn from diverse group of participants. Every year I take away more in-depth knowledge, new connections, inspiration."

- Andrea Witt, Eurochild

"The conference was well organized, truly in tune with the needs of delegates. Met a lot of great people and exchanged some contacts."

- Cheryl Withaneachi, INTI International University / International Association for Consumer Law

"The conference topics as well as the speakers were interesting and relevant to our organization."

- Hagay Herzel, Asiania Sport For All Association

"It was amazing to take part in a gathering of so many diverse people, all working towards a similar all-encompassing purpose of active citizenship."

- Senne Meeusen, Board of European Students of Technology

"The UIA Round Table is a great event to get to know international organizations and exchange knowledge and information. Through the different workshops I gained a lot of new insights and new perspectives on different issues that international organizations face today."

- Sophie Vancraeynest, European Institute of Peace

"The UIA Round Table has provided a fruitful discussion and networking opportunity."

- Wai Yie Leong, International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists

"This is a very good platform to liaise with a variety of associations."

- Zar Gomez, Caritas Asia

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