UIA Associations Customized Data Extractions 2024

UIA's Database

The UIA’s database is continuously updated and comprises two main data sets:

  • Organizations – over 75,000 descriptive profiles of international associations
  • Events – over 550,000 past and future international events of these associations

The UIA keeps annual snapshots of the data sets which also enables comparison across years.

Customized extractions are the most flexible and powerful method to access UIA’s data based on specific criteria meeting your needs.

You can also subscribe to the database – online or in print. For information on subscriptions, please ask UIA for more information or see: Associate Membership.

For information on customized data extractions, please read on!

Selecting associations

Selection criteria for associations can be based on one or more of the following:

  • city or country of a principal or other address
  • events
    • city, country or region
    • year
    • number of participants
    • meeting duration
  • countries/regions where members are present
  • relationships with other international associations
  • subject area (e.g., climate, artificial intelligence, medicine, etc.)
  • IGO or NGO
  • active or inactive
  • founded year, city, and country
  • number of staff
  • annual budget
  • finance sources
  • category of activity (e.g., healthcare, humanitarian/emergency aid, events/meetings, etc.)
  • languages used
  • Type 1 (a hierarchical typology to help indicate the degree of “internationality”)
  • has information in a specified structured paragraph (e.g., history, structure, aims, finance, activities, publications)

A sample query:

Extract associations which meet the following criteria:

  • with a principal address in Belgium, France or Germany
  • is non-governmental
  • is currently active
  • with meetings in the past 10 years in Europe, outside of the country of their principal address
  • with members in at least 10 European countries, also outside of the country of their principal address

Selecting the information you need in the extraction results

You can select the part of the associations profile of interest to you. Associations profiles may contain the following information:

Name and acronym The association name is usually, but not always, the official name in English; names and acronyms in other languages are also available for many associations.
Former & other names  
Addresses Addresses may contain:
  • Name of the contact person, with title/function
  • Postal address
  • Telephone and fax numbers
  • E-mail addresses

If an association has several contact addresses, one is selected as the principal address; this is generally the address of the association’s headquarters or its most prominent officer. As relevant, other addresses may be included, such as regional representatives, branch offices, or other significant officers.

Founded When and where the association was founded.
Registration(s) Name of registering authority/list, registration number/ID, country, and date of registration.
History Names of founding bodies and other details related to the history of the association.
Aims The association’s principal objectives, usually based on the statutes.
Structure Key organs and commissions, together with some indication of the frequency of their meetings and the composition of the executive body.
Language The languages used by the association.
Staff The number of paid and voluntary staff.
Annual budget Currency, budget amount and year.
Finance Sources of funding, as well as sponsoring bodies.
Activities A summary of the main activities and programme concerns of each association.
Events The date and location of meetings or other events (exhibitions, seminars, etc.), both past and future.
Publications & information services Titles of major periodical and non-periodical publications produced, as well as libraries, databanks, consultancy services and other information resources operated by the association.
Membership Types of membership and an indication of the number of members, with a list of countries represented or in which members are located, and/or a list of member organizations.
Relations with IGOs Officially recognized relationships with intergovernmental organizations
Relations with NGOs Official or working relationships to international NGOs.
Date of last contact Date on which the last information was received from or about the association
Type classification UIA has developed a hierarchical typology and a qualifying typology to help indicate the degree of “internationality” and relevant structural characteristics.

In addition, you can select the part of the meetings profile of interest to you. Meetings profiles may contain the following information:

  • The city and country in which the event is held
  • The dates on which the event starts and/or ends
  • The names of other international associations involved in the event
  • The name and theme of the event
  • The number of participants, or the minimum and maximum numbers expected
  • The number of countries represented, or the minimum and maximum numbers expected
  • Whether or not there is a concurrent exhibition

Who Uses It

Everyone with an interest in international associations and cooperation can request a data extraction. UIA reserves the right to refuse all or part of any request.

UIA’s clients are worldwide and include a wide range of companies within the meeting industry – PCO’s, convention centers, tourism bureaus, hotels, airlines – as well as consulting companies, publishers, research institutes, university departments, libraries, international associations, government bodies and IGOs.

Once-off requests for once-off use – meeting immediate needs:

Addresses of international associations / Full profiles of international associations
Maximum delivery per calendar year:
  • 3,000 associations for UIA Associate Members
  • 1,000 associations for non-members
Job activation fee:
  • for UIA Associate Members: no extra charge
  • for non-members: €490.00
Price per address: name and acronym of the association, and name of the contact person, with title/function, plus:
  • full postal address, telephone and fax, without e-mail: €2.50
  • only e-mail address: €3.00
  • full postal address, telephone and fax, with e-mail: €5.00

Delivery format:

  • Excel file: no extra charge
  • printed labels: € 0.30 per label
Price per association full profile:
  • €4.50

Delivery format:

  • pdf file: no extra charge

Data-streaming to your database, intranet or newsreader with constant access to continuously updated information:

Addresses and/or full or partial profiles of international associations
Minimum term of contract:
  • 3 years
Database development and set-up fee (invoiced in year 1 of the contract):
  • for UIA Associate Members: € 750.00
  • for non-members: € 1,500.00
Price per association in year 1 of the contract:
  • up to 1,000 associations: € 4.00
  • up to 3,000 associations: € 3.50
  • up to 6,000 associations: € 3.00

Price per association in year 2 of the contract:

  • the price per association in year 1 plus 2.5%.

Price per association in year 3 of the contract:

  • the price per association in year 2 plus 2.5%.

Should the contract be extended to 5 years, years 4 and 5 each cost the same as year 3.

  • 6,000 associations
Delivery format:
  • a variety of formts is available.


UIA can offer its Associate Members other forms of customised data delivery and consultancy. Let us know what you need, and we will provide an individual cost proposal.

Value Added Tax

All prices listed are without VAT. Please note that for customers in Belgium and for EU customers that do not have a valid VAT number, the price will be increased by VAT according to Belgian law.

UIA can provide a contracting party with data extracted from the UIA databases, on condition that the contracting party uses the data in accordance with UIA's mandate as described in UIA's privacy policy.

The contracting party may use this extracted data once and once only. The contracting party may not re-package, compile, re-distribute or re-use any or all of this data.

In using and storing this data the contracting party is responsible for its own compliance with privacy regulations.

Download Terms of Use (PDF)