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5. Other Conventions Indicative of Related Possibilities Legal Status of International Organizations
4. Proposed International Conventions Legal Status of International Organizations
3. Commentaries on Legal Status of International Non-Governmental Associations Legal Status of International Organizations
Overview Legal Status of International Organizations
2010 Centenary photos - day 2 Centenary
2010 Centenary photos - day 1 Centenary
List of participants Centenary
Histoire et avenir de la coopération entre les OING et l’ONU Centenary
Presentations, reports and articles Centenary
Changing the World, Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine Stéphanie Manfroid, Mundaneum Centenary
Programme Centenary
Data sources and ownership Ecolynx
Multi-media tools for imagining community and its challenges Diversitas
Distinguishing the style and image of an enhanced .ORG Diversitas
The Parable of the Fig Leaf Diversitas
Introduction Ecolynx
Final Report of Definition Phase Ecolynx
Summary Ecolynx
Scope and objectives Ecolynx
Consortium partners Ecolynx
Accomplishments during definition phase Ecolynx
Compilation and integration of WCMC on-line datasets Ecolynx
Conservation actions, strategies and organizations Ecolynx
Conservation issues (problems) Ecolynx
Feedback loops Ecolynx
Images and sounds Ecolynx
Geographic information and clickable maps Ecolynx
Visualization (VRML 3-D displays) Ecolynx
Extending search query hyperlinks Ecolynx
CD-ROM applications Ecolynx
Hyperlinking text content Ecolynx
User profile and marketing strategy Ecolynx
Development of prototype product and its presentation Ecolynx
Deliverables Ecolynx
Strategic opportunity framework Ecolynx
Practical challenges and responses Ecolynx
Language and translation issues Ecolynx
Innovative features Intercept
Introduction Intercept
Participating Organizations Intercept
infoDev programme objectives & Category of activity Intercept
Total activity cost Intercept
Evaluation indicators Intercept
Marketing plan / communication strategy Intercept
Product description - project outputs and benefits Intercept
Funding requested from infoDev Intercept
INTERCEPT Project: Detailed description Intercept
INTERCEPT: Proposal for infoDev activity Intercept
Comparison and relationship to other information products Intercept
Project objectives and discussion Intercept