Intercept: Proposal for infoDev activity

Total activity cost

INTERCEPT will inherit a considerable legacy in terms of financial investment and accumulated expertise and data. The tables on the following page make a distinction between (i) the total cost of the "already funded" INFO2000 activity, (ii) the total cost of the proposed new INTERCEPT activity for infoDev, for which matching funds are sought, and (iii) the total cost of the two activities combined.

There are cost efficiencies in interfacing the two projects; the total cost of the combined activities is less than the sum of their individual costs if they were to be undertaken separately. In effect, INFO2000 is undertaking a good deal of the R & D development of the INTERCEPT information system. In this way, and also by sharing of costs for coordination and certain other tasks during 1998, INFO2000 makes significant contribution to INTERCEPT, equivalent to an estimated $180,000 worth of matching funds.

INTERCEPT will also benefit from a sizeable Ford Foundation grant that DA has acquired to establish DAINET -- specifically to build its capacity to provide independent sector information services to the Indian subcontinent over a five year period (1997-2001). DA has estimated that by providing equipment and personnel resources, redirecting certain work priorities and creating synergy between the two activities, it will be able to contribute the equivalent of $110,0000 directly to meet INTERCEPT’s objectives.


Already Funded: INFO2000 Project


TOTAL PROJECT COST (ECU 1,499,935): F$ 1,619,930


BY CONTRIBUTION: European Union 40% 640,530

UIA 25% 506,430

Other NGO partners 35% 472,970 1,619,930


BY PHASE: Definition Phase (1997) 16% 253,240

Implementation Phase (1998/99) 84% 1,367,690 1,619,930

Fconverted into $US from ECU using Interbank rate of 08/03/98 = 1.08, rounded off to nearest tens of dollars


New Funding Requirement: INTERCEPT Project




CONTRIBUTIONS: INFO2000 (common activity) 30% 180,000

UIA (new) 11% 70,000

DA 18% 110,000

infoDev 41% 250,000 610,000


Combined Projects: Joint INFO2000 / INTERCEPT Activity




CONTRIBUTIONS: European Union 31% 640,530

UIA 28% 576,430

Other INFO2000 NGO partners 23% 472,970

DA 6% 110,000

infoDev 12% 250,000 2,049,930