Intercept: Proposal for infoDev activity

infoDev programme objectives & Category of activity

infoDev programme objectives

Three infoDev programme objectives are directly served by the INTERCEPT project. They are (in order of project relevance):

  • Objective IV: Promoting protection of the environment and natural resources
  • Objective I: Creating market-friendly environments to accelerate global access to information and communication
  • Objective V: Increasing the efficiency, accountability and transparency of governments

Category of activity

This project crosses and integrates several infoDev activity areas. The following apply, in whole or part (in no particular order):

  • Category I: Consensus Building and Awareness Raising
    • Subcategory B: Specialised sectoral networks

  • Category II: Information Infrastructure Strategies
    • Subcategory C: Feasibility studies for information infrastructure projects

  • Category IV: Demonstration Projects
    • prototype interdisciplinary knowledge systems