Ecolynx Project: Information Context for Biodiversity Conservation

Conservation actions, strategies and organizations

The range of UIA database entries concerning actions for sustainable development, strategies for biological conservation, and proposals and initiatives for environmental protection was expanded. This was to explore possibilities for integration with WCMC data. Using the output of work described in 3.1 (above), structural and text improvements were made in areas relating to environmental treaties concerning species and habitat conservation and their links to relevant organizations. Using materials provided by international organizations, the following subject and issue areas were also specifically developed during the project period:

  • Using materials relating to the recent Habitat II conference, particularly the relationships between human settlements, environmental impacts and conservation;
  • Social forestry and reforestation;
  • Traditional ecosystem management and indigenous conservation practices;
  • Biodiversity conservation relating to wild types and indigenous landraces of commercially significant plants and animals;
  • Biodiversity conservation related to medicinal plants and other socially valuable species;
  • Technology transfer relevant to biodiversity conservation.

During this Definition Phase, the UIA also focussed on identification of organizations to be included in the prototype. Organizations were identified both from UIA files (Yearbook of International Organizations) and from the Web (other organizations and Web pages, news groups etc.).