Ecolynx Project: Information Context for Biodiversity Conservation

Hyperlinking text content

In the Definition Phase, one major concern was to provide a pattern of links between UIA data, WCMC data and relevant external websites. At the same time, given the large quantities of data involved, another concern was to develop estimates of additional work required to integrate, by hyperlinking, the text information held by UIA and WCMC.

Section 3.9 Extending search query hyperlinks describes the work of the UIA to insert query search links into its Problem data, which enable the user to interrogate WCMC’s datasets. In addition, a number of hardlinks to WCMC online databases were made in the Strategies file. This was to experiment with patterns of hyperlinking between infobases on the CD-ROM and to test clickable access to online resources from an online or offline source. A follow-up step during the Implementation Phase would reciprocate a pattern of linkage from WCMC datasets to those of the UIA. Given the progress made during the Definition Phase, no major problems are anticipated with this.

Although further data and textual development and the enrichment of the pattern of hyperlinks are necessary, the basis for a viable integrated text product has already been achieved. The text product/service is highly innovative because of the unusual proportion of hyperlinks between normally unrelated datasets. Considerable attention may therefore be devoted to further development and integration of the non-textual features of the product/service.