Ecolynx Project: Information Context for Biodiversity Conservation


Project date: 1997-2000

A project begun under the aegis of the INFO2000 programme of the European Commission (Directorate General XIII)

The INFO2000 project – called Information Context for Biodiversity Conservation - has been subject to feasibility testing in 1997 ("Definition Phase") and is now supported in its "Implementation Phase" by the European Union and four European NGO partners ("the Consortium").

The "Implementation Phase" of the INFO2000 project started 1 January 1998 will complete at 31 December 1999. It entails development of the integrated information package for biodiversity conservation using a variety of software for Internet and CD-ROM delivery; search, translation, visualisation and mapping techniques; user workshops and feedback programmes; product testing and marketing; and long-term project financing and commercialisation.

The total INFO2000 activity cost is comprised of contributions from the:

  • EU (approx. 40%), and from the
  • five European NGO partners (UIA, WCMC, NSM, AIDE, IEEP) (approx. 60%)

Definition Phase products: Several products benefiting from work during the Definition Phase work for "Conservation" were delivered experimentally on the Web during 1997.

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