Ecolynx Project: Information Context for Biodiversity Conservation

Extending search query hyperlinks

Extending search query hyperlinks Work accomplished during the Definition Phase demonstrated the feasibility of generating a multiplicity of specific search queries to locate potentially relevant websites. The concern was to provide users with access to a range of current and emergent websites rather than to restrict them to specific URLs that might become bad links. Of particular interest was the possibility of focusing such queries on distinct multimedia material (images and maps, sound, video). The results were very satisfactory in htm test files.

The procedure so developed enabled generation of search queries for all problems and strategies placed on the prototype CD. The only constraint encountered was an unforeseen restriction in Folio 3.1 (the CD-ROM software) limiting search strings to 124 characters. This inhibits some of the searches that are more complex and use of advanced facilities (including language variants). Folio 4.1, recently released, increases the length to 194. The string length constraint would not be present on a Web version of the product. A significant point for further investigation is the "stability" of the generated search string syntax with respect to selected search engines that are naturally free to change the syntax to offer new possibilities.