Intercept: Proposal for infoDev activity

Product description - project outputs and benefits

INTERCEPT activity will develop an interactive information service (and products) for use by environmental professionals, policymakers and the business sector in developing countries, and everyone in the international community concerned with biological conservation (INFO2000) and sustainable development (infoDev).

Information content: The INFO2000 "product" is an integrated multimedia resource package drawing on a wide range of different organisations and sources, to provide interlinked and globally comprehensive information concerning:

  • data on threatened biota and natural habitats

and the links between these scientific data and:

  • generic and specific threats to conservation of biological resources, notably their root causes
  • the various responses society is making to counter genetic attrition and habitat loss
  • the impact of both causes and responses on the conservation of species, natural communities and ecosystems, and on social and environmental health

This information will be integrally linked to:

  • associated information on relevant international organisations and agreements
  • associated information on relevant publications and other information sources
  • other appropriate information services, particularly those on the WWW

The information will be presented in a variety of multimedia formats: text, statistical tables, maps, graphics, and other formats as appropriate.

Information sources and expertise: The infoDev project INTERCEPT will add value to the INFO2000 data stock by creating further database facilities for development-related applications of environmental and conservation information specifically relevant to end-user needs in developing countries.