Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 16: Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies

Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

The threats of international homicide, violence against children, human trafficking and sexual violence are important to address to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. They pave the way for the provision of access to justice for all and for building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.

While homicide and trafficking cases have seen significant progress over the past decade, there are still thousands of people at greater risk of intentional murder within Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and around Asia. Children’s rights violations through aggression and sexual violence continue to plague many countries around the world, especially as under-reporting and lack of data aggravate the problem.

To tackle these challenges and build a more peaceful, inclusive societies, there needs to be more efficient and transparent regulations put in place and comprehensive, realistic government budgets. One of the first steps towards protecting individual rights is the implementation of worldwide birth registration and the creation of more independent national human rights institutions around the world.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

Exchange of Letters Constituting an Agreement Concerning the Movement of Refugees

1964 T g

Exchange of Letters Constituting an Agreement Concerning the Right of Return of Refugee Workers

1964 T g

Exchange of Letters Constituting an Agreement Concerning the Use of Seamen's Books as Travel Documents

1964 T g

Exchange of Letters Constituting an Agreement Concerning the Use of the Seaman's Book as a Travel Document

1964 T g

Exchange of Notes Constituting an Agreement Amending the Wheat Agreement of 22 April 1942

1946 T g

Exchange of Notes Constituting an Agreement Concerning the Exchange of Cut Flowers on a Commercial Basis

1955 T g

Exchange of Notes Constituting an Agreement Concerning the Liberalization of Trade in Fishing Products

1954 T g

Exchange of Notes Constituting an Agreement Relating to Scientific Investigations of the Fur Seals in the North Pacific Ocean

1952 T g

Executive Council on Diplomacy

ECD 1962 Washington DC USA G

Extradition Agreement

1952 T g

Extradition Agreement

1911 T g

Extradition Convention, 1907

1907 T g

Extradition Convention, 1923

1923 T g

Eyewitness Palestine

2001 Washington DC USA G

Fachstelle für Internationale Jugendarbeit der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

IJAB 1967 Bonn Germany N


1997 Nairobi Kenya G

Fair Labor Association

FLA 1999 Washington DC USA G

Fair River International Association for Development

FARIAD 1998 Accra Ghana G

Fair Trade Advocacy Office

FTAO 2004 Brussels Belgium E t

Fair Trade International Symposium


Fair Trade Original

1959 Culemborg Netherlands G t

Fair Trade Resource Network

FTRN 2001 Philadelphia PA USA N t

Fair Trade Tourism

Pretoria South Africa G t

Fair Trade Towns International

International FTTs E

Fair Trials

1992 London UK F

Fair Wear Foundation

FWF Amsterdam Netherlands F f

fair-fish international

2010 Zurich Switzerland G


1960 Bern Switzerland G

Faith and Ethics Network for the International Criminal Court

New York NY USA G y

Familles du Monde

FaMiDo 2003 Waterloo Belgium G

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

FFWPU 1996 Washington DC USA G

Family for Every Child

London UK F

Family Planet

1999 G

Farnham Castle International Briefing and Conference Centre

1953 Farnham UK G

Federación de Municipios del Istmo Centroamericano


Federación Iberoamericana de Asociaciones de Derecho e Informatica

FIADI 1984 D

Federación Iberoamericana de Asociaciones de Victimas contra la Violencia Vial

FICVI 2010 Bogota Colombia D

Federación Iberoamericana de Ombudsman

FIO 1996 Madrid Spain D

Federación Latinoamericana de Asociaciones de Familiares de Detenidos-Desaparecidos


Federación Latinoamericana de Ciudades, Municipios y Asociaciones de Gobiernos Locales

FLACMA 1981 Mexico City Mexico D

Federación Latinoamericana de Magistrados

FLAM 1977 Lima Peru E

Federal Trust for Education and Research

1945 London UK G f

Federal Union of European Nationalities

FUEN 1949 Flensburg Germany D

Federatie voor Mondiale Democratische Organisaties

FMDO 1995 Brussels Belgium G

Fédération de l'Union Européenne des Consuls Honoraires

FUECH 2004 Brussels Belgium E

Fédération des employeurs ONG

FEONG Brussels Belgium G

Fédération des experts comptables méditerranéens

FCM 1999 Rome Italy D

Fédération Euro-Méditerranéenne contre les Disparitions Forcées

FEMED 2000 Montreuil France D

Federation for Associations Connected to the International Humana People to People Movement

1991 Harare Zimbabwe K

Fédération francophone et germanophone des associations de coopération au développement

ACODEV 1997 Brussels Belgium E y