UIA Membership

Associate Membership

The Union of International Associations (UIA) is active in a network of 42,000 international associations. From these more than 28,000 organize regular events in the country of their headquarter or in the countries where their members are based.

Recognizing the importance of international meetings and congresses to international association life and the need for networking between association and industry bodies, the UIA offers a range of tools to destinations to connect with these international associations:

  • Associate Membership: an Associate Membership with UIA will give you direct access to the associations and events databases and to a variety of options for connecting with international associations.
  • Customized data extractions: the most flexible and powerful method to access UIA’s data based on specific criteria meeting your needs
  • Networking and sponsorship opportunities at the UIA Associations Round Tables

Associate Members are entitled to preferential use of UIA's services including:

  • An exclusive early copy of UIA’s International Meetings Statistics Report
  • Online access to the premium, professional version of the International Congress Calendar
  • Details of the international association events held in your city/country and included in the annual International Meetings Statistics Report
  • With a Premium Membership, online access to the Yearbook of International Organizations
  • Discounts on advertising and PR opportunities
  • An invitation to participate in UIA's Associations Round Tables and training sessions
  • Posting of news relevant to associations on the UIA website
  • Their own page on the UIA website, linked from the Associate Members' Directory
  • Exclusive rights to data extractions and customized services
  • Professional advice on attracting international association business
  • Free copy of UIA newsletter World of Associations News

The UIA's Associate Members include national, regional and local offices of tourism and convention bureaus, congress centres, hotels, airline companies, congress organizers and travel agencies, media companies, industry representatives, consultants, associations, and other organizations.

Active Membership

UIA Active Members are individuals who have an interest in international organizations and in the work of the UIA, and who have contributed significantly and over a long period to the international organization community. As trustees they further the interests of the UIA each in his or her own sphere of activity.

UIA asks that its Active Members:

  • Promote the work of the UIA in their professional networks and fields;
  • Contribute to the work of the UIA where and as its needs and their knowledge and skills match;
  • Stay informed of UIA’s activities by reading the Secretariat’s quarterly and annual reports;
  • Participate in the General Assembly (held every two years in Brussels) either in person or by proxy.

There are no fees involved. UIA Active Membership is an honorary and – we trust – honorable position.

In return, UIA offers:

The UIA's Active Members include diplomats, international civil servants, association executives, professors of international relations and directors of foundations.