Active Membership

UIA Active Members are individuals who have an interest in international organizations and in the work of the UIA, and who have contributed significantly and over a long period to the international organization community. As trustees they further the interests of the UIA each in his or her own sphere of activity.

UIA asks that its Active Members

  • Promote the work of the UIA in their professional networks and fields;
  • Contribute to the work of the UIA where and as its needs and their knowledge and skills match;
  • Stay informed of UIA’s activities by reading the Secretariat’s quarterly and annual reports;
  • Participate in the General Assembly (held every two years in Brussels) either in person or by proxy.

There are no fees involved. UIA Active Membership is an honorary and – we trust – honorable position.

In return, UIA offers

Current UIA Active Members

The UIA's Active Members include diplomats, international civil servants, association executives, professors of international relations and directors of foundations.

How to Become an Active Member

Interested individuals are invited to send a Letter of Motivation along with their Curriculum Vitae to the UIA Secretariat ( ). Candidates are admitted following approval by the General Assembly. Membership is limited to 250 individuals.

Nighat Amin Dragana Avramov F. W. G. Baker
Michel Ballieu Hemant Batra Michel Bauwens
Yves Beigbeder Michael Boddington Marc Bontemps
Sheila Bordier Anne-Marie Boutin Marcus Bussey
Rolf Carrière Tim Casswell Danièle Castle
Chris Champion Inga Clausen Robert Cliquet
Alessandro Cortese Mariarosa Cutillo Giang Dang Huong
Ghislaine de Coninck Bas de Leeuw Jacques de Mévius
Dianne Dillon-Ridgley Christy Duijvelaar Esperanza Duran
Peter Ellyard Barbara Evaeus Zinaida Fadeeva
Denise Farrar Thierry Gaudin Thomas Getzen
Jerome Glenn Maja Göpel Arundhuti Gupta
Peter Hajnal Barbara Welling Hall Gwendolyn Hallsmith
Wolfgang Hoeschele Eleanor Huddle Seya Immonen
Declan Kennedy Ashok Khosla Rak Kim
Peter Koenig Daniel Laqua Andras Laszlo
Jennifer La Trobe Frans Lenglet Bernard Lietaer
Michel Loots Marc Luyckx Georges Malempré
Roland Mayerl Nadia McLaren Marilyn Mehlmann
Chloé Menhinick Bernard Miche Yves Moreau
Servane Mouazan Bob Munro Thiyagu Nagaraj
Jackie Nebel Balgis Osman-Elasha Turkia Ould Daddah
Octavio (Bobby) Peralta Marina Pisklakova-Parker Olena Pometun
Nico Randeraad W Boyd Rayward Rolf Reinhardt
Donna Reitano Cyril Ritchie Daphné Romy
Acarya Shambhushivananda Avadhuta Christina Sleszynska Fiona Solomon
Paul Sommerfeld Gillian Martin Sorensen Joanna Swanger
Gianni Tibaldi Kai Troll Turan Ünak
Simone Van Beek Théo Van Brabant Daniel Van Espen
Christophe Verbruggen Michel Vermote Danièle Vranken
Judy Wickens Femke Wijdekop Marisha Wojciechowska-Shibuya
Patrick Worms