Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 16: Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies

Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

The threats of international homicide, violence against children, human trafficking and sexual violence are important to address to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. They pave the way for the provision of access to justice for all and for building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.

While homicide and trafficking cases have seen significant progress over the past decade, there are still thousands of people at greater risk of intentional murder within Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and around Asia. Children’s rights violations through aggression and sexual violence continue to plague many countries around the world, especially as under-reporting and lack of data aggravate the problem.

To tackle these challenges and build a more peaceful, inclusive societies, there needs to be more efficient and transparent regulations put in place and comprehensive, realistic government budgets. One of the first steps towards protecting individual rights is the implementation of worldwide birth registration and the creation of more independent national human rights institutions around the world.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

The Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre

Iclif 2003 Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Malaysia G

The International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism

IMADR 1988 Tokyo Japan F

The Next Century Foundation

Ludgvan UK G f

The Practice Institute

Harrisonburg VA USA G j

The Round Table Foundation

TRTF 1982 F f

The Sphere Project

1997 Geneva GE Switzerland E

The World Bank Group

Washington DC USA F g

The World Justice Project

WJP 2006 Washington DC USA F

Third ACP-EEC Convention

Lomé III 1984 T g

Third Additional Protocol to the Protocol to the European Agreement on the Protection of Television Broadcasts

1989 Strasbourg France T g

Third International Tin Agreement

1965 T g

Third Protocol Amending the Convention on the Canalization of the Moselle

1987 T g

Third Protocol to the Central American Agreement on Fiscal Incentives to Industrial Development

1977 T g

Third Protocol to the General Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the Council of Europe

1959 Strasbourg France T g

Third Protocol to the General Treaty of Central American Economic Integration to Guarantee Free Trade in Paper and Glass Containers

1966 T g

Third Sector European Policy Network

TSEP 2002 Canterbury UK F

Third Way

1990 London UK N

Third World Action

1968 Freiburg Germany G

Thomas More Institute

2004 Paris France E j

Threshold Test Ban Treaty, 1974

T g

Tibet Justice Center

1989 Oakland CA USA E v

Tibetan Aid Project

TAP 1969 Berkeley CA USA N

Tinker Institute on International Law and Organizations

1992 New York NY USA G j

TMC Asser Institute - Centre for International and European Law

1965 The Hague Netherlands G j

Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research

1996 Newport Coast CA USA G j

Topeka Center for Peace and Justice

1985 Topeka KS USA G

Tostan International

1991 Dakar Senegal F

Trade Expansion and Economic Cooperation Agreement between India, Egypt and Yugoslavia

Tripartite Agreement 1967 T g

Trade Facilitation Agreement

TFA 2014 T g

Trade Facilitation Agreement Facility

TFAF 2014 Geneva GE Switzerland F g

Trademark Law Treaty

TLT 1994 T g

Trademark Registration Treaty

1973 T g

Training Centre for Regional Integration

1993 Montevideo Montevideo Uruguay E g

Traité de Sécurité Collective de la CEI

Traité de Tachkent 1992 T g

Trans Africa Forum

1977 Washington DC USA G

Trans European Law Firms Alliance

TELFA 1989 Brussels Belgium D

Trans European Policy Studies Association

TEPSA 1974 Brussels Belgium D y

Trans-Atlantic free trade agreement

TAFTA 1994 J gp

Transatlantic Children's Enterprise

TRACE 1985 Enfield UK N

Transatlantic Policy Network

TPN Brussels Belgium F

TRANSCEND-A Peace Development Environment Network

1993 F

transform! europe

transform Vienna Austria E y

Transnational Commercial Law Teachers Meeting

2009 S c

Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research

TFF 1986 Lund Sweden F f

Transnational Institute

TNI 1974 Amsterdam Netherlands F j

Transnationalisation and Development Research Centre, Bielefeld

TDRC 1969 Bielefeld Germany G

Transparency and Accountability Initiative


Transportation Intermediaries Association

TIA 1978 Alexandria VA USA G

Traprock Peace Center

1979 Deerfield MA USA G

Tratado de Integración Social Centroamericano

1995 T g