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Sustainable Development Issues: Clustered by Principal Subject

Derived from international declarations:

Agenda 21 (1992), Brundtland Report and various NGO and government declarations (see checklist).

Columns coded in relation to Figure 1. In 6 parts:
[P=Population | W=Well-being | L=Learning | T=Trade | E=Environment (below)| R=Regulation ]

The purpose of this coding was to explore configuration of the implicit strategic dilemmas as a global structure (see commentary) and presented as Figures 3a and 3b. In 1999, further experiments, using virtual reality, are underway to configure such issues in three dimensions. The coding procedure is described elsewhere.

  P W L T E R   Issue name Document
    Basic welfare sufficiency needs   
        Provide adequate shelter for all  A21/7 
        Personal health / whole system health  Doc35 
        Infant mortality  Doc4 
        Access to health care  BR 
        Protection against communicable diseases  A21/6 
        Immunization against main childhood diseases  Doc27 
        Epidemics / AIDS  Doc2 
    Increasing environmental risk (eg skin cancer, toxicity)  Doc2 
        Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation  A21/2 
        Disability (physical/mental)  A21/6 
        Nutrition/Malnutrition/Hunger  BR 
        Lack of uniform regulatory standards for food  Doc2 
        Chemicals in food  A21/19 
        Social security/Old age security  BR 
        Homelessness / Forced migration  Doc2 
            Movement / Sleep   
        Social neglect / Deprivation   
        Identity needs   
        Self-expression / Creativity  Doc35 
        Challenge / New experience  Doc35 
        Relationship / Belongingness / Roots / Community  Doc2 
        Purpose / Transcendental relationship  Doc35 
        Privacy (infringement)   
        Religious/spiritual experience  Doc15 
    Social/Family tensions/unrest/breakdown  BR 
        Ethnic disintegration   
        Unmet aspirations  BR 
        Ethical decay / Moral imperfection   
        Indifference to suffering  
        "Now or never"/disaster mentality  Doc17 
        Substance abuse / Drug addiction  BR 
        Civil disobedience  Doc34 
        Intimidation/Harassment  Doc34 
        Crime (organized)  BR 
        Livelihood/ Quality of life  Doc27 
        Relationship between poverty and sustainable livelihoods  A21/3 
        Alternative livelihood systems  A21/12 
    Changing consumption patterns A21/5 
        Undertake research on consumption  A21/5 
    Profligacy / Overconsumption / excessive materialism  BR 
        Excessive beef/pork consumption  Doc2 
    Demand for non-essentials  Doc35 
        Move towards environmentally sound pricing  A21/5 
        Exercise leadership through government purchasing  A21/5 
        Provide information on "ecowise consuming"  Doc35 
        Inappropriate social / fiscal policies  Doc2 
        Unsatisfactory standard of living  Doc2 
        Unemployment/Underemployment  BR 
        Underpayment for work  Doc27 
        Conditions of work  BR 
        Forced labour/slavery/military service  Doc34 
        Excessive strain/stress   
        Occupational hazards   
        Workers/Trade unions A21/29 
        Strengthen participation and cooperation  A21/29 
        Worker health and environmental safety  Doc1 
        Worker cooperatives  Doc34 
        "Green Work" agreements  Doc1 
        Harmonised environmental guidelines for workplace  Doc1 
    Clean production, products and services  Doc1 
    Workplace audits: environmental health and safety  Doc1 
        Worker participation in environmental affairs  Doc1 
        Freedom of association/organisation  Doc1 
        Collective bargaining  Doc1 
        International trade union solidarity  Doc1 
      Role of ILO / international standard setting  Doc1 
        Structural violence  Doc27 
        Secularization / Loss of faith