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Sustainable Development Issues: Clustered by Principal Subject (Regulation)

Derived from international declarations:

Agenda 21 (1992), Brundtland Report and various NGO and government declarations (see checklist).

Columns coded in relation to Figure 1. In 6 parts:
[P=Population | W=Well-being | L=Learning (below)| T=Trade | E=Environment | R=Regulation ]

The purpose of this coding was to explore configuration of the implicit strategic dilemmas as a global structure (see commentary) and presented as Figures 3a and 3b. In 1999, further experiments, using virtual reality, are underway to configure such issues in three dimensions. The coding procedure is described elsewhere

  P W L T E R   Issue name Document
        Redistribution of pattern of assets/consumption  BR 
        Uneven development  BR 
        Uneven distribution of power and influence  BR 
        Uneven income distribution  BR 
        Land reform/Landless households BR 
        Uneven energy consumption  BR 
        Differences in environmental endowment  BR 
        Appropriate/Inappropriate decision-making  BR 
    Establishment of appropriate regulations and standards  BR 
        Integration of environment/development  BR 
        Institutional fragmentation/rigidities  BR 
        Sectoral fragmentation of responsibility  BR 
        Asymmetry in bargaining power  BR 
        Short-termism/Institutional myopia  BR 
        Symptom-focused policies  BR 
        Post-crisis and remedial policy-making  BR 
        Risk management  BR 
        Inadequate government foresight  BR 
        Emergency unpreparedness  BR 
        Drought unpreparedness  A21/12 
        Relief unpreparedness  A21/12 
        Risk reduction programmes  A21/19 
        Lack of accountability (cf multiple accountability)   
        Incompetent management  BR 
        Self-seeking national sovereignty  BR 
        Acceleration of sustainable development BR 
        Negative attitude to dialogue on development  BR 
        Austerity programmes  BR 
        Review economic and administrative practices and laws  Doc27 
            Financial resources/mechanisms BR 
        Environmental funding / resource taxes  BR 
        Performance bonds / tradeable permits  Doc27 
        Unrealistic taxes on rural land  BR 
        Net resource flows away from developing countries  BR 
        Enhancing flow of resources to developing countries  BR 
        Burden of debt / Debt forgiveness/rescheduling  BR 
        "Nature for debt" swaps  Doc26 
        Inappropriate/unfair terms of aid transfer  Doc2 
        Stagnating flows of aid  BR 
        Role of multilateral development banks and IMF  Doc24 
        Transfer from military budgets  Doc27 
        Use of non-renewable resources for foreign exchange  BR 
        "Polluter/User Pays Principle"  Doc30 
        Institutional mechanisms   
        Definition of national resource accounts  Doc2 
        Strengthening and harmonization of criteria and regulation  A21/20 
            International institutional mechanisms  A21/39
        High-level interagency coordination mechanism  A21/39 
        Organs, programmes, organizations of the UN system  A21/39 
        UN specialized agencies and related organizations  A21/39 
        Establish UN Commission on Sustainable Development  Doc26 
        Inadequate international environmental law / court of..  Doc39 
        Limitations of treaty-making over "global commons"  Doc14 
        Implementation of existing agreements  A21/20 
        Ratify Convention on Law of the Sea  Doc27 
        Ratify World Heritage Convention  Doc37 
    Ratify conventions on nuclear accidents/toxic wastes  Doc27 
    Hasten Global Convention on Climate Change  Doc22 
        Role of IPCC, WCP, IGBP, WMO  Doc22 
        Review/renegotiate GATT  Doc26 
        Cooperation arrangements on forest resources  Doc19 
        Enlarge jurisdiction / management over oceans  Doc19 
            Regional and subregional organizations A21/39 
        Decline in multilateral cooperation  BR 
            Transborder problems / Transboundary agreements  BR 
        Air pollution  BR 
        National consensus for capacity building  A21/37 
        More use of regional agreements/protocols  Doc19 
        Complete proposed ECE Convention on EIA  Doc6 
        Conclude agreements on freshwaters, drainage basins  Doc27 
        Delivery of assistance at the regional level  A21/37 
        Full partnership with indigenous peoples  NGO26 
        Strenthen role of major groups  A2123 
            Local authorities A21/28 
            Inadequate government infrastructure  BR 
        Inadequate legislation  BR 
        Enhance community consultation / participation  Doc27 
            Lack of financial base of local government  BR 
        Make environmental policy and local objectives  Doc37 
        Nongovernmental organizations A21/27 
        "Partners for Sustainable Development"  A21/27 
        People's global agenda for action and feedback system  Doc35 
        Intersectoral linkage  Doc16 
        Organisational cooperation / networks  Doc2 
        Show alternative modes/models of working  Doc28 
        Strengthen self-assistance acitivities  Doc40 
        Representation of overlapping constituencies  Doc29 
        United but different / Diversity increases security  Doc29 
        Grassroots/citizen action  Doc14 
        Lobbying  Doc14 
        Consumer behaviour  Doc2 
        Community mobilisation  Doc30 
        Community management of local environmental affairs  Doc27 
    Ethical codes, rights and responsiblities   
        Human rights  Doc1 
        Respect for cultural and ethnic quality / language  Doc29 
        Rights of future generations  Doc35 
        Aboriginal rights to lands and resources  Doc27 
        Intergenerational equity  Doc4 
        Recognise children's rights   
        Relative responsibility (based on wealth/capability...)  Doc20 
        Sharing equitably the "burden of adjustment"  Doc24 
        Responsibilities arising from environmental ethics  Doc4 
        Respect and care for the community of life  Doc27 
        Rights of species / equality of living things  Doc15 
        Earth stewardship  Doc4 
        Global responsibilities of sovereign nations  Doc16 
        Environmental rights, proposed Charter of..  Doc30 
        Concept of environmental crime  Doc40 
        Reinforce values which support sustainable consumption  A21/5 
        Individual responsibility  Doc35 
        Personal growth / group transformation  Doc35 
        Creative social transformation  Doc35 
        Spiritual evolution / evolution of humanity  Doc37 
        Oneness with life/the divine/the universe  Doc15