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About the Encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential is a research project initiated in 1972 as a collaboration between the UIA and Mankind 2000. It represents some of the most progressive and innovative work conducted by the UIA. The Encyclopedia is the result of an ambitious effort to collect and present information on the problems humanity is confronted with, as well as the challenges such problems pose to concept formation, values and development strategies.

The Encyclopedia Online consists of six main databases, each complementing one another:

  • World Problems - Issues
  • Global Strategies - Solutions
  • Human Values
  • Human Development
  • Patterns and Metaphors
  • Integrative Concepts

In November 1999, access to the Encyclopedia Online databases was opened up to the public. The databases were designed using the current technology of the time. Editing of the Encylopedia slowed shortly afterwards due to a lack of resources, until finally ceasing altogether.

The Encyclopedia databases in their current form are freely available to the public.

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Scope of the Re-design Project

In 2013 the UIA, in partnership with Tomáš Fülöpp, began a project to re-design the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential Online.

The initial focus of the re-design project is on the World Problems database. The other databases such as Global Strategies, as well as the complementary databases Human Values, Human Development, Patterns and Metaphors, Bibliography, Integrative Concepts, etc, may be added at a later date.

The project comprises re-development of the database(s) using recent technologies and the highest current standards of web design. Technical development will also support a direct editing environment of Encyclopedia entries. Development of a strategy for the editorial updating of entries will follow the technical development phase.

More details about the Encyclopedia may be found here.

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