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Index to notes and commentaries

1. Overview of the Encyclopedia

    1.1 Overview: contextual
    1.2 Overview: existential challenge
    1.3 Overview: strategic assumptions
    1.4 Overview: objectives
    1.5 Overview: significance
    1.6 Overview: distinguishing uses of the Encyclopedia
    1.7 Overview: intended uses of the Encyclopedia
    1.8 Overview: background and acknowledgements
    1.9 Overview: interactive access and future developments

2. Content

    2.1 General structure
    2.2 Content: sections and sub-sections
    2.3 Content: modifications, improvements and omissions

3. Method

    3.1 Method: logistical challenge
    3.2 Method: procedures
    3.3 Method: classification policy
    3.4 Method: language-determined distinctions
    3.5 Method: response to diversity

4. Assessment

    4.1 Assessment: international organizations as a source
    4.2 Assessment: biases
    4.3 Assessment: strengths and weaknesses
    4.4 Assessment: criticism
    4.5 Assessment: global modelling perspective
    4.6 Assessment: future possibilities
    4.7 Assessment: implications
    4.8 Assessment: processing system

5. Insights

    5.1 Insights: section interrelationships
    5.2 Insights: comprehension of sustainable integration

6. Statistics

  1. Development (1976-1995)
  2. Subsequent developments (shortly)

Extracts from commentaries to Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential


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