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Hardcover edition

Edited by the Union of International Associations, Published by K.G. Saur München. 4th edition, 1994-95, 3 vols., ca. 3000 pages, hardcover. ISBN 3-598-11165-7. (The three books are also available as individual volumes.)

The hardcover version of the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential collects and presents information on the problems humanity is confronted with, as well as the challenges such problems pose to concept formation, values and development strategies. With a total of nearly 20,000 entries, linked by over 158,000 cross-references (an increase of 44%), the new edition is even more comprehensive than before. Entries themselves have been rigorously updated and extended in both quantity and content. For example, over 90% of the problem descriptions have been revised or updated since the previous edition in 1991. Editorial work for the 1994 edition focused on major updates to world problems and their relationships, to approaches to human development, and to human values and their relationship to world problems.


Volume 1: World Problems

Volume 2: Human Potential: Transformation and Values

Volume 3: Actions - Strategies - Solutions