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Global Strategies and Solutions

Volume 3: Actions - Strategies - Solutions

4th edition, 1994-95, 1 vol., 928 pages, hardcover. ISBN 3-598-11227-0. (Individual volume price : DM 548; US$ 245; £280).

The 4th edition of the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential has been extended to include a new third volume on international organization action strategies. Volume 3 contains descriptions of over 15,000 international strategies and action plans, and cross-references the world problems in Volume 1 and the international organizations described in the companion Yearbook of International Organizations.

This volume profiles strategies currently employed by international bodies, whether in response to world problems or to enhance particular values or modes of development. It also provide the first systematic identification of several thousand vicious problem cycles to which such strategies need to respond, but provides the necessary remedial focus to balance this information and identifies mutually reinforcing strategic cycles.


  • Action - Strategies - Solutions
    • Basic general strategies (158)
    • Cross-sectoral strategies (1,100)
    • Detailed strategies (3,325)
    • Emanations of other strategies (3,008)
    • Fuzzy exceptional strategies (1,382)
    • Very specific strategies
    • Insufficiently cross-referenced strategies
    • Uncross-referenced strategies
    • Strategy polarities (240)
    • Vicious problem loops
    • Index to Volume 3
    • Bibliography
    • Notes