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Transformative Approaches to Social Organization

The Transformative Approaches to Social Organization section of the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential is a long-term programme loosely described as an investigation into transformative approaches which collectively offer the potential for a new way of responding to complexity documented in other hyperlinked sections of the Encyclopedia.

Each of the approaches described is somewhat unconventional, and while each has its value in isolation, their real value for the future lies in their complementarity.This is because no one single approach is adequate to the challenge of the present social complexity. Rather it is how a range of fundamentally different approaches are combined to compensate for the various weaknesses of each of them. The approaches include interactive database use (the portal to all UIA's interactive databases can be accessed here); analysis of network loops particularly through the use of creative visualization of relationships; discontinuity and non-linearity in relationships; global configuration and patterning; and context beyond text. A special focus is on meetings as places of transformation and envisioning meetings of the future, and therefore on the nature of transformative conferencing.

More detailed information about this research area is available at the index to notes and commentaries.