Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Roughly half the world’s population still lives on the equivalent of about US$2 a day with global unemployment rates of 5.7% and having a job doesn’t guarantee the ability to escape from poverty in many places. This slow and uneven progress requires us to rethink and retool our economic and social policies aimed at eradicating poverty.

A continued lack of decent work opportunities, insufficient investments and under-consumption lead to an erosion of the basic social contract underlying democratic societies: that all must share in progress. Even though the average annual growth rate of real GDP per capita worldwide is increasing year on year, there are still many countries in the developing world that are decelerating in their growth rates and moving farther from the 7% growth rate target set for 2030. As labor productivity decreases and unemployment rates rise, standards of living begin to decline due to lower wages.

Sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs that stimulate the economy while not harming the environment. Job opportunities and decent working conditions are also required for the whole working age population. There needs to be increased access to financial services to manage incomes, accumulate assets and make productive investments. Increased commitments to trade, banking and agriculture infrastructure will also help increase productivity and reduce unemployment levels in the world’s most impoverished regions.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II


Plano TX USA G

UNU Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources

UNU-FLORES 2012 Dresden Germany K j

UNU World Institute for Development Economics Research

UNU-WIDER 1984 Helsinki E j

UNWTO Sustainable Tourism for Eliminating Poverty Foundation

UNWTO ST-EP Foundation 2004 Seoul Korea Rep F fg

UPEI - The voice of Europe's independent fuel suppliers

1962 Brussels D

Urban Data Management Society

UDMS 1971 Stuttgart Germany D

Urban Economics Association


Urban Farming

Southfield MI USA N

Ursulines de Tildonk

1818 Brussels Belgium R

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

USCRI 1958 Arlington VA USA G

US Overseas Cooperative Development Council

OCDC 1961 Washington DC USA G

US-ASEAN Business Council

1983 Washington DC USA G

Utility Economic Development Association

UEDA Larchmont NY USA G

Value Health Africa

VAHA Bamenda G

Variety Clubs International

VCI 1927 Los Angeles CA USA N


1993 Liebefeld G

Verband Entwicklungspolitik und Humanitäre Hilfe e.V.

VENRO 1995 Berlin Germany G y


2005 Washington DC USA F

VIA Don Bosco

1969 Brussels Belgium E

Vienna Economic Forum

VEF 2004 Vienna F

Vienna NGO Committee on the Family

1985 Vienna Austria E y

Village Enterprise

1987 San Carlos CA USA N f

Village Monde

2010 Québec QC G

Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance

2014 Sumy G

Vision Outreach International

VOI St Joseph MI USA N

VisionFund International

London UK E f

Vital Voices Global Partnership

VVGP 2001 Washington DC USA G

Viva Network

1996 Oxford UK F

VIVAT International

2000 New York NY USA E

Volk in Nood

VIN Tervuren Belgium N

Volontariato Internazionale Donna Educazione Sviluppo

VIDES 1987 Rome Italy F

Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo

VIS 1986 Rome Italy G

Voluntary Service Overseas

VSO 1958 Kingston upon Thames G

Volunteer International Christian Service

VICS 1971 Edmonton AB Canada G

Volunteer Service Abroad

VSA 1962 Wellington New Zealand G

Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance

VEGA Washington DC USA G y

Wagon africain de gestion de nouvelles électroniques

Réseau WAGNE 1991 Yaoundé Cameroon K

War Child International

1993 Amsterdam F

War on Want

1952 London UK G f

Wassenaar Arrangement on Export Controls for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies

Wassenaar Arrangement 1996 Vienna F g

Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor

WSUP 2004 London UK G y

Water and Sanitation Programme

WSP Washington DC USA E g

Water Europe

WE 2004 Brussels E y

Water Institute of Southern Africa

WISA Midrand South Africa N jv

Water Reuse Europe

WRE 2016 Cranfield UK D


1981 London UK F


2003 Oakville ON Canada N

WAVE Trust - Worldwide Alternatives to Violence

1996 Croydon G

WE Charity

1995 Toronto ON Canada F

We Effect

1968 Stockholm Sweden G