Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources

Life Below Water

The world’s oceans – their temperature, chemistry, currents and life – drive global systems that make the Earth habitable for humankind. Our rainwater, drinking water, weather, climate, coastlines, much of our food, and even the oxygen in the air we breathe, are all ultimately provided and regulated by the sea. Throughout history, oceans and seas have been vital conduits for trade and transportation.

Careful management of this essential global resource is a key feature of a sustainable future. However, at the current time, there is a continuous deterioration of coastal waters owing to pollution and ocean acidification is having an adversarial effect on the functioning of ecosystems and biodiversity. This is also negatively impacting small scale fisheries.

Marine protected areas need to be effectively managed and well-resourced and regulations need to be put in place to reduce overfishing, marine pollution and ocean acidification.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna

CCSBT 1994 Deakin ACT Australia E g

Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

CGRFA 1983 Rome Italy E g

Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow

CFACT 1985 Washington DC USA G

Committee for European Marine Biology Symposia

EMBS 1966 Yerseke Netherlands E

Committee for Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture of Africa

CIFAA 1971 Accra Ghana E g

Committee of the Regions

COR 1993 Brussels Belgium E g

Committee on Earth Observation Satellites

CEOS 1984 Silver Spring MD USA E y

Committee on Environmental Policy

1994 Geneva Switzerland E g

Common Seas

Bristol UK G

Common Sense Environmental Fund


Common Wadden Sea Secretariat

CWSS 1987 Wilhelmshaven Germany E g

Commonland Foundation

Amsterdam Netherlands G f


1975 Bolinas CA USA G

Commonwealth Environmental Journalists Association

CEJA 1998 D

Community Based Impact Assessment Network for Eastern Africa

CIANEA Kampala Uganda D

Compton Foundation

1946 Redwood City CA USA G f

Confederación Atlética del Istmo Centroamericano

CADICA Tegucigalpa Honduras D

Confédération bouliste internationale

CBI 1983 Ankara Turkey D

Confédération des associations des artisans glaciers de la Communauté européenne

ARTGLACE 1989 Longarone Italy E

Confédération des ONG d'environnement et de développement de l'Afrique centrale

CONGAC 1992 Douala Cameroon D

Confédération européenne des associations d'ingénieurs agronomes

CEDIA 1987 E

Confederation of European Environmental Engineering Societies

CEEES Montigny-le-Bretonneux France D

Conférence des ministres chargés de l'environnement des pays ayant en commun l'usage du français

Neuilly-sur-Seine France S cg

Conference of Baltic Oceanographers

CBO 1957 Klaipeda Lithuania F c

Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations

CONGO 1948 Geneva Switzerland E y

Conference on Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks

LACONA 1995 S c

Congo Basin Forest Partnership

CBFP 2002 F gy

Conseil européen de l'industrie chimique

CEFIC 1972 Brussels Belgium D ty

Consejo del Istmo Centroamericano de Deportes y Recreación

CODICADER 1992 Panama Panama E g

Conservation Finance Alliance


Conservation Force

Metairie LA USA F

Conservation International

CI 1987 Arlington VA USA G

Conservation Through Public Health

CTPH Entebbe Uganda J

Conservation, Food and Health Foundation

1985 Boston MA USA G f

Conservation, Research and Education Opportunities International


Conserve Africa Foundation

1998 London UK G f

Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education

CORE 1994 Washington DC USA N

Consortium for the Barcode of Life

CBOL 2004 Washington DC USA F y

Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities

CETAF 1996 Brussels Belgium F

Controlled Environment Building Association

CEBA 1978 Alexandria VA USA D

Convenio Centroamericano para la Protección del Medio Ambiente

1989 T g

Convention Concerning Accommodation on Board Fishing Vessels

1966 Geneva Switzerland T g

Convention Concerning Fishermen's Articles of Agreement

1959 Geneva Switzerland T g

Convention Concerning Fishermen's Certificates of Competency

1966 Geneva Switzerland T g

Convention Concerning Fishing in the Black Sea

1959 T g

Convention Concerning Fishing in the Waters of the Danube

1958 T g

Convention Concerning Navigation on Lake Constance

1973 T g

Convention Concerning Seafarers' Welfare at Sea and in Port

1987 Geneva Switzerland T g

Convention Concerning the Compulsory Medical Examination of Children and Young Persons Employed at Sea

1921 Geneva Switzerland T g

Convention Concerning the Medical Examination of Fishermen

1959 Geneva Switzerland T g