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19th of March 2021
Save the Dates: European Association Summit 2021; The Future Is NOW!

Save the Dates: European Association Summit 2021; The Future Is NOW!
Educational congress. Associations are at the crossroads for designing their future role in society and business. COVID-19 has
26th of February 2021

GeoProgress Global Forum (GGF) 2021 on: BUILDING THE I.E.F. - International Environment Fund. For a fair International Environmental System.

This initiative - promoted since 2016 by the GeoProgress Journal, published by Geoprogress, a non-profit research organization - is focusing in 2020 and 2021 on some key issues for sustainable global development.

19th of February 2021
International Terminology Summer School 2021 Online (TSS2021)
Dates: 1-4 July 2021, plus free Bonus-Day 30 June Pre-TSS Day about Terminology Resources.

Website: https://www.termnet.eu/tss2021

The International Terminology Summer School
12th of February 2021
FAIB WEBINAR | HR matters under the current circumstances

Speakers: Christophe Delmarcelle, Partner at DEL-LAW & FAIB Associate member, together with Florence Bindelle, SG Europeanissuers & FAIB Vice-president.
Topic:  Continuing to work during a pandemic despite the lockdown and all safety measures enacted by the authorities raises a lot of practical and legal questions

22nd of January 2021

Événement en ligne
Lancement de l'exposition
N'oublions pas
de Luigi Toscano

22nd of January 2021
4 February
Webinar on recently adopted modifications to the Company and Association Code (CAC), including a session on practical implementation of such changes.
Speakers: Antoine Druetz (Associate Partner) & Alix Degrez (Associate) at EY Law for the legal aspects and Charles-Albert de Radzitzky (CEO) at Spreds for the practical aspects

18 February
Webinar on HR matters under the current circumstances,
22nd of January 2021
UIA CIM World of Associations News released on 15 Jan, featuring:

Message from the UIA President Cyril Ritchie

“Every association will need to rely ever more in 2021 on the involvement and support of its members and partners in order to achieve its goals - especially those that are substantially dependent on voluntary service.”


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27th of June 2023
A series called 'My Globetrotter Book', by Marisha Wojciechowska, Canadian writer and UIA Active Member, features books on New York, Paris and Tokyo, among others, and would be an ideal way of introducing children from the age of six to the enjoyment of travelling. With activities, fascinating facts and plenty of puzzles and games, these books aim to inspire a love of exploration and a feeling for global understanding in the younger generation.
21st of June 2023

Key Works of International Silk Union 2022

19th of June 2023

The sustainable management strategy for businesses, known as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) management, is spreading throughout the MICE industry. Along with the infrastructure, costs, and service levels, the application of ESG is gaining prominence as a key consideration when selecting MICE destinations.

15th of June 2023
El XVII Simposio de GEMELA se llevará a cabo en la ciudad de Puebla, México, de manera presencial (17-19 de julio, 2024). The conference theme seeks to increase the visibility of women’s cultural, historical and social production in Spain, Portugal and the Americas before 1800. More information on https://www.gemela.org/
15th of May 2023

Goyang Special City, co-hosting with ICCA and Korea MICE association, is delighted to organize the second edition of Aisa Pacific Business Events Youth Challenge.
This competition aims to foster young professionals in the business events industry and provisde an exclusive opportunity for participants to take centre stage in showcasing innovatitve and creative ideas.

2nd of May 2023

Renowned as a global organisation committed to enhancing healthcare quality and safety, International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) brings together a diverse community of members and partners from around the world. As part of its ongoing efforts to advance its mission, ISQua’s 39th International Conference will be held in the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea from August 27th to 30th, 2023.

30th of April 2023
International Urban Symposium-IUS Conference on "Forms of Inequality and the Legitimacy of Governance", Italy, 28-31 July 2023. This 4-day International Conference is organized by the International Urban Symposium-IUS. Full details are availbale at: https://www.internationalurbansymposium.com/events/2023-2/.
28th of April 2023
on March 2024 ; the on-line meeting will be held for Asian -African society of Mycobacteriology . The participant will be from 120 countries all over the world .They will submit their abstract and the Editorial board will select the best presenter . The congress will be held from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening and start at 10 to 14 March 2024 .
23rd of April 2023
The United Nations General Assembly has voted to support the Government of Vanuatu’s proposal for an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on the obligations of States on climate change. More than 130 countries came together to co-sponsor the initiative in a show of global solidarity on climate.


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