UNAccc Signed the Agreement for Disaster Safety Training Projects Worldwide

Memorandum of Understanding
This memorandum of understanding is made at Delhi on 15th May 2024
Zone 4 Disaster Solutions Pvt Ltd has its Principal office at B 69, Sewak Park, Dwarka Mor New Delhi 110059 (hereafter referred to as Zone4solutions) represented by its Director Shri Nakul Kumar Tarun.
Unity of Nations Action for Climate Change Council of Gujrat and situated at Atladara, Vadodara, Gujrat-390012 Recognized by UIA ( EUROPE ) as International Organization, having Presence in 157 Countries by 970 Honorary Board Members & Advisors. (hereafter referred to as UNAccc)
Zone4Solutions are desirous of entering into an arrangement whereby they can collaborate and work together with each other in areas of Disaster Management and related fields for mutual benefit.
Whereas both parties have discussed the matter and have decided to enter into an agreement by this Memorandum of Understanding.
Now, therefore it is agreed by and between the parties as follows:
That both parties have identified disaster management as the area of their mutual interest and expertise, wherein both can work together. The areas that have been identified for joint working based on mutual discussions held between the two parties include the following:
Identification of community (School/college) youth across nation.
Training of those youth volunteers towards disaster risk reduction with specific reference to reducing risk in schools / college / university.
Increased engagements between youth volunteers and stakeholders at the community level.
Setting the base for upscaling the project to other communities towards skill building and alternative employment generation of youth in various communities within the country
Provide that other areas may be identified from time to time by mutual consent.
That the collaboration between the parties hereto may include the following: -

Zone4solutions, would serve as a Knowledge partner organization ( resource support, expert and technical support) and would be an implementing agency.

Zone4solutions would also provide expert support within the areas of disaster risk reduction in general and with specific reference to different hazards for risk reduction worldwide including students, industries, Hospitality.

The proposed project is a pilot project that initially may be carried out in school/college if suited to both parties.

Documentation of Best Practices

Provided those other areas may be identified from time to time by mutual consent.
That any of the party may decide to organize or conduct a particular training programme or a part thereof or a specific academic module or a part thereof or organize and conduct a seminar or a workshop in the Institute of the other party and in case such programme or seminar or workshop is so held, the concerned party will make available with mutual consent and subject to availability of its infrastructure facilities including Classrooms, Lecture/Seminar Halls, Hostels or Guest House accommodation, Mess facilities at the same rate, as if, such programme, workshop or seminar, etc. were conducted by the party for its own participants or target groups.

That for each assignment of work to be undertaken by the parties hereto under this MoU, the extent of services by each party and fee for services to be rendered, if any, and the terms of payment shall be negotiated and agreed upon by mutual consent.

That in order to have a smooth functioning of operations it is agreed to by both the parties that the Director, Zone4solutions, and Aditi Mahavidyalaya are to be nominated by the respective Head of the Party to oversee and supervise operations on their behalf.

That neither party shall assign or transfer its rights and obligations herein to any other third party without the prior written consent of other parties.

That it is agreed by both parties that none of them will withdraw from the MoU during the progress of the projects on hand, without the written consent of the other prior to One month.

In case of any dispute the arbitrator would be appointed with the consent of both parties.

Modifications: This Memorandum of Understanding may only be modified or amended by a written document executed by a duly authorized person on behalf of the party against whom any such amendment or modifications is sought to be enforced.

Term: It is agreed between the parties that the MoU will be in effect for a period of three years from the date of the agreement, with a provision to review the contents of the MoU every third year, if required, and make necessary modifications as deemed appropriate by both parties to this agreement.

That the parties hereto may further agree to extend the tenure of this MoU for further subsequent periods as deemed appropriate by both.

That this Memorandum of Understanding is executed in duplicate and one copy will remain with each party.

That the future proposal based on this pilot project will be jointly implemented by both parties and both parties would work jointly to mobilize funds for all future collaboration.


(Shri Nakul Kr Tarun)
Director, Zone4solutions
Director, UNACCC


In the Presence of Witness:
In the Presence of Witness: