Annual Conference on Spreadsheet Risk, London, July 4-5

22nd May 2024 - For Immediate Release
Experts from the UK, United States and Europe will meet in London in early July to discuss the risks and opportunities of Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, Uncertainty, Legal and other issues within the familiar spreadsheet environment.
The European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group (EuSpRIG), now in its 25th year, is holding its 2024 conference on the theme of "Spreadsheet Productivity and Risks" on the 4th & 5th July 2024 at the Clubhouse, St James Square, London, United Kingdom (See EuSpRIG Annual Conference | European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group).
The keynote speakers are:
Professor Andy Gordon - Chief Science Officer at software synthesis company Cogna. He was formerly a Partner Research Manager at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK where he led a diverse team of researchers and engineers to evolve Microsoft Excel.
Dr Louise Pryor - an actuary specialising in climate change and sustainability. She is chair of the Ecology Building Society and an Honorary Professor at UCL’s Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction.
Dr Advait Sarkar - the University of Cambridge, Microsoft Research & University College London. He studies human-computer interaction, with a focus on end-user programming, intelligent systems, and the future of work. This includes research on improving the design of spreadsheets, tools for visualisation, the analysis of data and tools for communication and collaboration in the workplace.
Mr Stephen Mason - a barrister with an interest in electronic signatures, authentication, security, electronic evidence, email and internet use and the interception and monitoring of communications.
A number of further speakers are due to speak on subjects including spreadsheet competency, spreadsheet auditing, financial modelling, spreadsheet risk and spreadsheet productivity.

“EuSpRIG once again brings together the cream of the crop of expertise, research excellence, and heavyweight industry figures to present the latest views on spreadsheet risk and productivity”, said Patrick O’Beirne, Chair of EuSpRIG. “More and more organizations are accepting the need to manage spreadsheet-based processes to achieve adequate risk control, improved productivity and good governance”, he added.

About EuSpRIG
EuSpRIG ( offers the world's only independent, authoritative & comprehensive web-based information describing the current state of the art in Spreadsheet Productivity & Risk Management. We run a well-established annual conference which provides a forum for researchers, practitioners, trainers, vendors, consultants and auditors. EuSpRIG's entire peer reviewed proceedings comprising over 200 highly cited papers are published on the EuSpRIG website and the publicly accessible Cornell University moderated scientific repository (See Search | arXiv e-print repository). EuSpRIG provide speakers and content for professional societies, associations, conferences and journals. EuSpRIG maintains a database of Horror Stories (See Horror Stories | European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group ( ) which document the continued failure of organisations to manage their Spreadsheet Risks. EuSpRIG is a not-for-profit organisation governed by an elected committee operating under the terms of a written constitution. Committee and Editorial members include senior managers and directors of leading professional services firms and senior academics from UK, US and European Universities.
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Simon Thorne, EuSpRIG Programme Chair, Cardiff Metropolitan University, +44 2920 416398,
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