Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere

No Poverty

While global poverty rates have been cut by more than half since 2000, one in ten people in developing regions are still living with their families on less than the international poverty line of US$1.90 a day, and there are millions more who make little more than this daily amount. Significant progress has been made in many countries within Eastern and Southeastern Asia, but up to 42% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa continues to live below the poverty line.

Poverty is more than the lack of income and resources to ensure a sustainable livelihood. Its manifestations include hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and other basic services, social discrimination and exclusion as well as the lack of participation in decision-making.

Economic growth must be inclusive to provide sustainable jobs and promote equality. Social protection systems need to be implemented to help alleviate the suffering of disaster-prone countries and provide support in the face of great economic risks. These systems will help strengthen responses by afflicted populations to unexpected economic losses during disasters and will eventually help to end extreme poverty in the most impoverished areas.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

International Movement ATD Fourth World

1958 Pierrelaye France F

International Movement for Therapeutic Free Choice

1968 Paris France N

International Multiracial Shared Cultural Organization

IMSCO 1979 New York NY USA G

International Natural Fiber Organization

INFO Zoetermeer Netherlands C

International Network for School Social Work

1990 F

International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations

INCLO Geneva Switzerland F

International Network of Civil Society Organizations on Competition

INCSOC 2003 Jaipur India F

International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services

HPH Hamburg Germany F

International Network of Resource Centers on Urban Agriculture and Food Security

RUAF Foundation 1999 Leusden Netherlands E y

International Network of Social Work in Health and Mental Health


International Network of Street Papers

INSP 1994 Glasgow UK F

International Network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics

FAB 1992 Dearborn MI USA F v

International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development

INFID 1985 Jakarta Indonesia E

International NGO/CSO Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty

IPC Rome Italy E y

International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

IORG 1922 McAlester OK USA G

International Organisation for Least Developed Countries

IOLDCs 1996 Geneva Switzerland C

International Organisation for the Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture in Europe

EUROFISH 2001 Copenhagen Denmark F g

International Organisation of Industrial and Service Cooperatives

CICOPA 1932 Brussels Belgium E t

International Organisation of Pension Supervisors

IOPS 2004 Paris France D

International Organization for a Participatory Society

IOPS 2012 B

International Organization for Educational Development

IOED 2014 Delhi India G v

International Organization for Information Integration and Web-Based Applications and Services

'at'WAS 2003 Jakarta Indonesia D

International Partnership for Human Development

IPHD 1983 Leesburg VA USA G

International Partnership for Service-Learning

IPS-L 1982 New York NY USA N

International Pediatric Association

IPA 1910 Marengo IL USA A y

International Pen Friend Service

1963 Ivrea Italy N

International Pension and Employee Benefits Lawyers Association

IPEBLA 1987 Toronto ON Canada D v

International Pension Research Association

IPRA Kensington NSW Australia C

International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association

IPIECA 1974 London UK F yt

International Plant Based Foods Working Group


International Plant Protection Convention, 1951

IPPC 1951 Rome Italy T g

International Player Welfare Organization, Nepal

IPWON Kathmandu Nepal N

International Podoconiosis Initiative

Footwork 2012 Brighton UK F

International Pollutants Elimination Network

IPEN 1998 Gothenburg Sweden F

International Poplar Commission

IPC 1947 Rome Italy E g

International Poverty Reduction Center in China

IPRCC 2005 Beijing China J g

International Prostitutes Collective

IPC 1975 London UK G

International Public Foundation

INTERLEGAL 1989 Moscow Russia F f

International Public Relations Network

IPRN 1995 Madrid Spain F

International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance

IRHA 2002 Geneva Switzerland F y

International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation

IRWF 1997 New York NY USA F f

International Relief Friendship Foundation

IRFF 1976 Red Hook NY USA F f

International Relief Teams

1988 San Diego CA USA G

International Religious Freedom Alliance

IRF 2020 J g

International Religious Liberty Association

IRLA 1889 Silver Spring MD USA G

International Renaissance Foundation

IRF 1990 Kiev Ukraine G f

International Rescue Committee

IRC 1933 New York NY USA F

International Rescue Corps

IRC 1981 Grangemouth UK G

International Research Center for Artificial Intelligence under the auspices of UNESCO

IRCAI 2020 Ljubljana Slovenia J g

International Research Group for Psycho-Societal Analysis

IRGFPSA Stavanger Norway D