Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere

No Poverty

Eradicating extreme poverty for all people everywhere by 2030 is a pivotal goal of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Extreme poverty, defined as surviving on less than $2.15 per person per day at 2017 purchasing power parity, has witnessed remarkable declines over recent decades.

However, the emergence of COVID-19 marked a turning point, reversing these gains as the number of individuals living in extreme poverty increased for the first time in a generation by almost 90 million over previous predictions.

Even prior to the pandemic, the momentum of poverty reduction was slowing down. By the end of 2022, nowcasting suggested that 8.4 per cent of the world’s population, or as many as 670 million people, could still be living in extreme poverty. This setback effectively erased approximately three years of progress in poverty alleviation.

If current patterns persist, an estimated 7% of the global population – around 575 million people – could still find themselves trapped in extreme poverty by 2030, with a significant concentration in sub-Saharan Africa.

A shocking revelation is the resurgence of hunger levels to those last observed in 2005. Equally concerning is the persistent increase in food prices across a larger number of countries compared to the period from 2015 to 2019. This dual challenge of poverty and food security poses a critical global concern.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

International Council of Women

ICW 1888 Paris France B

International Council on Badges and Credentials

ICoBC 2021 Berlin Germany C

International Council on Jewish Social and Welfare Services

INTERCO 1961 D y

International Council on Social Welfare

ICSW 1928 Madrid Spain A y

International Council on the Management of Population Programs

ICOMP 1973 Ampang Malaysia F

International Crisis Aid

ICA 2000 St Louis MO USA G

International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics

ICRISAT 1972 Hyderabad India E gj

International Cultural Diversity Organization

ICDO Vienna Austria J

International Cultural Youth Exchange

ICYE Federation 1949 Berlin Germany E

International Customer Service Association

ICSA 1981 Arlington VA USA N

International Dalit Solidarity Network

IDSN 2000 Copenhagen Denmark E y

International Development and Relief Foundation

IDRF 1984 Toronto ON Canada G f

International Development Association

IDA 1960 Washington DC USA B g

International Development, UEA

1967 Norwich UK G

International Disability Alliance

IDA 1999 Geneva Switzerland A y

International Dongseo Medical Service Corps

IDMSC Suwon Korea Rep N

International DORIS Service

IDS Ramonville France E

International DRH Movement

Faxe Denmark F

International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service

IERS 1987 Frankfurt-Main Germany F

International Ecological Engineering Society

IEES 1993 Wädenswil Switzerland D

International Electrotechnical Commission

IEC 1906 Geneva Switzerland C

International Emergency and Development Aid

IEDA Relief 2008 Houston TX USA G

International Emergency Management Organization

IEMO 2006 Nouakchott Mauritania C g

International Employment Law, Pensions and Employee Benefits Alliance

IUS LABORIS 2001 Brussels Belgium F

International Executive Service Corps

IESC 1964 Washington DC USA G

International Fair and Congress Services

IFAS Ghent Belgium N

International Federation for Human Rights

1922 Paris France B y

International Federation for Sustainable Development and Fight to Poverty in the Mediterranean-Black Sea

FISPMED 2004 Venice Italy E

INternational Federation of Acute Neonatal Transport Services

INFANTS Stockholm Sweden J

International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services

IFES 1985 Oberursel Germany C t

International Federation of Landscape Architects

IFLA 1948 Brussels Belgium B

International Federation of Little Brothers of the Poor

IFLBP 1979 Paris France F

International Federation of Rural Adult Catholic Movements

1964 Assesse Belgium C

International Federation of Settlements Eurogroup

IFS-Eurogroup Edinburgh UK K

International Federation of Social Workers

IFSW 1928 Rheinfelden Switzerland B

International Federation of Telephone Emergency Services

IFOTES 1967 Udine Italy C

International Federation of Training and Development Organizations

IFTDO 1973 Delhi India C y

International Feed Industry Federation

IFIF 1987 Wiehl Germany B yt

International Fire Service Training Association

IFSTA 1933 Stillwater OK USA N

International Flight Services Association

IFSA 1966 Atlanta GA USA G

International Food Security Network

IFSN Dhaka Bangladesh F

International Food Service Executives Association

IFSEA 1901 Wheat Ridge CO USA N

International Forum

IF Copenhagen Denmark G

International Forum for Child Welfare

IFCW 1989 Jakarta Indonesia F

International Forum on Sustainable Value Chains

ISVC 2013 Horgen Switzerland F

International Foundation for the Rule of Law and the Independence of Lawyers and Judges

Rome Italy G f

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

1954 Brookfield WI USA G fv

International Franchise Association

IFA 1960 Washington DC USA G

International Freedom Alliance

2010 The Hague Netherlands J

International Friendship League

IFL 1926 Ross-on-Wye UK F y