Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries

Reduced inequalities

The international community has made significant strides towards lifting people out of poverty. The most vulnerable nations – the least developed countries, the landlocked developing countries and the small island developing states – continue to make inroads into poverty reduction. However, inequality persists and large disparities remain regarding access to health and education services and other assets.

There is growing consensus that economic growth is not sufficient to reduce poverty if it is not inclusive and if it does not involve the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental. Fortunately, income inequality has been reduced both between and within countries. At the current time, the per capita income of 60 out of 94 countries with data has risen more rapidly than the national average. There has been some progress regarding creating favorable access conditions for exports from least developing countries as well.

To reduce inequality, policies should be universal in principle, paying attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations. There needs to be an increase in duty-free treatment and continuation of favoring exports from developing countries, in addition to increasing the share of developing countries’ vote within the IMF. Finally, innovations in technology can help reduce the cost of transferring money for migrant workers.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

Center for Creative Leadership

CCL 1970 Greensboro NC USA C

Center for Economic and Social Rights

CESR 1993 Brooklyn NY USA G

Center for Family and Human Rights

C-Fam 1997 New York NY USA G j

Center for Genetics and Society

2001 Berkeley CA USA N

Center for Health, Human Rights and Development

CEHURD 2007 Kampala Uganda G

Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching and Service

2001 Washington DC USA N

Center for the Global South

CGS 1992 Washington DC USA G

Center for the Study of State and Society, Buenos Aires

1975 Buenos Aires Argentina G

Center for Third World Organizing

CTWO 1980 Oakland CA USA G

Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society

CPCS 1986 New York NY USA N

Central American Agreement on the Equalization of Import Charges

1959 T g

Central American Bank for Economic Integration

CABEI 1961 Tegucigalpa Francisco Morazán Honduras F g

Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association


Central Asian Cellular Forum

CACF 2007 Islamabad Pakistan F

Central Europe Energy Partners

CEEP 2010 Brussels Belgium G

Central European Cooperative Oncology Group

CECOG 1999 Vienna Austria F

Central European Free Trade Agreement

CEFTA 1992 T g

Centre amitié de solidarité internationale de la région de l'Amiante

CASIRA 1982 Thetford Mines QC Canada N

Centre d'études des discriminations, du racisme et de l'antisémitisme

CEDRA 2005 Paris France G

Centre d'études et de documentation Guerre et sociétés contemporaines

CEGESOMA 1967 Brussels Belgium N

Centre d'études et initiatives de solidarité internationale

CEDETIM 1966 Paris France G

Centre d'Information et de Formation en matière de Droits Humains en Afrique

CIFDHA 2009 Ouagadougou Burkina Faso G

Centre d'information inter-peuples, Grenoble

CIIP 1980 Grenoble France G

Centre de documentation Tiers-monde de Paris

CDTM 1980 Paris France G

Centre de liaison et d'information des puissances maçonniques signataires de l'Appel de Strasbourg

CLIPSAS 1961 E y

Centre de recherche et d'information pour un développement solidaire


Centre de Recherche sur les sociétés de l'océan Indien

CRESOI 2001 Saint-Denis Réunion G

Centre de réflexion et d'information et de solidarité avec les peuples d'Afrique, d'Asie et d'Amérique latine

CRISLA 1978 Lorient France G

Centre de Solidarité Internationale

CORCOVADO 1984 Rouyn-Noranda QC Canada G

Centre for Access to Football in Europe

CAFE 2009 London UK E

Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society

CASAS 1997 Cape Town South Africa G

Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa

CAHF Parkview South Africa D

Centre for African Settlement Studies and Development

CASSAD 1990 Ibadan Oyo Nigeria G

Centre for Development Policy and Research, London

CDPR London UK G

Centre for Development Studies, Bath

CDS 1975 Bath UK G

Centre for Documentation and Information on Minorities in Europe-Southeast Europe

CEDIME-SE 1998 Glyka Nera Greece G

Centre for European Social and Economic Policy

CESEP 1987 Brussels Belgium E

Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa

CHRDA Buea Cameroon J

Centre for International Studies, Managua

1990 Managua Managua Nicaragua G

Centre for Meeting of Peoples

CMP 1968 Maastricht Netherlands G

Centre for Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health

2008 Msida Malta E

Centre for Women's Development Studies

CWDS 1980 Delhi Delhi India G

Centre for World Solidarity

CWS 1992 Secunderabad Telangana India G

Centre international d'initiation aux droits de l'homme

CIDH Sélestat France N

Centre international de culture populaire, Paris

CICP 1976 Paris France G

Centre international de recherches et d'information sur l'économie publique, sociale et coopérative

CIRIEC 1947 Liège Belgium D

Centre international de solidarité ouvrière

CISO 1975 Montréal QC Canada G

Centre international du crédit mutuel

CICM 1979 Paris France G

Centre population et développement, Paris

CEPED 1988 Paris France G

Centre rennais d'information pour le développement et la libération des peuples

CRIDEV 1974 Rennes France G