Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries

Reduced inequalities

The international community has made significant strides towards lifting people out of poverty. The most vulnerable nations – the least developed countries, the landlocked developing countries and the small island developing states – continue to make inroads into poverty reduction. However, inequality persists and large disparities remain regarding access to health and education services and other assets.

There is growing consensus that economic growth is not sufficient to reduce poverty if it is not inclusive and if it does not involve the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental. Fortunately, income inequality has been reduced both between and within countries. At the current time, the per capita income of 60 out of 94 countries with data has risen more rapidly than the national average. There has been some progress regarding creating favorable access conditions for exports from least developing countries as well.

To reduce inequality, policies should be universal in principle, paying attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations. There needs to be an increase in duty-free treatment and continuation of favoring exports from developing countries, in addition to increasing the share of developing countries’ vote within the IMF. Finally, innovations in technology can help reduce the cost of transferring money for migrant workers.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

Centre for Documentation and Information on Minorities in Europe-Southeast Europe

CEDIME-SE 1998 Glyka Nera Greece G

Centre for European Social and Economic Policy

CESEP 1987 Brussels Belgium E

Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa

CHRDA Buea Cameroon J

Centre for International Studies, Managua

1990 Managua Nicaragua G

Centre for Meeting of Peoples

CMP 1968 Maastricht Netherlands G

Centre for Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health

2008 Msida Malta E

Centre for Women's Development Studies

CWDS 1980 Delhi India G

Centre for World Solidarity

CWS 1992 Secunderabad India G

Centre international d'initiation aux droits de l'homme

CIDH Sélestat France N

Centre international de culture populaire, Paris

CICP 1976 Paris France G

Centre international de recherches et d'information sur l'économie publique, sociale et coopérative

CIRIEC 1947 Liège Belgium D

Centre international de solidarité ouvrière

CISO 1975 Montréal QC Canada G

Centre international du crédit mutuel

CICM 1979 Paris France G

Centre Population et développement

Ceped 1988 Paris France G

Centre rennais d'information pour le développement et la libération des peuples

CRIDEV 1974 Rennes France G

Centro de Análise Estratégica da Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa

CAE/CPLP 1998 Maputo Mozambique E g

Centro de Derechos Humanos 'Fray Bartolome de las Casas'

CDHFBC 1989 Chiapas Mexico N

Centro de Derechos Humanos 'Fray Francisco de Vitoria'

CDHFV 1984 Mexico City Mexico N

Centro de Derechos Humanos Miguel Agustin Pro Juarez

Centro Prodh 1988 Mexico City Mexico G

Centro de Ecologia y Pueblos Andinos

CEPA 1995 Oruro Bolivia G

Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Banda Ancha para el Desarrollo

CEABAD 2014 Managua Nicaragua E

Centro de Estudios de Demografia Histórica de América Latina

CEDHAL 1985 Sao Paulo Brazil G y

Centro Educazione alla Mondialità

CEM 1942 Brescia Italy G

Centro Einstein di Studi Internazionali sul Federalismo, la Pace, la Politica del Territorio

CESI 1988 Turin Italy G

Centro Internacional de Direitos Económicos, Sociais e Culturais

CIDESC 2003 Lisbon Portugal G

Centro Internacional de Politica Económica para el Desarrollo Sostenible

CINPE 1995 Heredia Costa Rica G

Centro Internacional para los Derechos Humanos de los Migrantes

CIDEHUM 1999 San José Costa Rica G

Centro Latinoamericano de Derechos Humanos

CLADH 2005 Mendoza Argentina D

Centro Latinoamericano para la Competitividad y el Desarrollo Sostenible

CLACDS Guatemala Guatemala G

Cercle royal africain et de l'outre mer

1889 Brussels Belgium N


1988 Madrid Spain G

CESVI Fondazione

1985 Bergamo Italy G f

Cetacean Society International

CSI 1974 Georgetown CT USA G v

Chamber of Computer Logistics People Worldwide

CCLP Worldwide Kolkata India F

Charities Aid Foundation Southern Africa

CAF Southern Africa J

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

1926 Flint MI USA G f

Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

2000 Luxembourg Luxembourg T g

Charter of the Organization of American States

1948 Washington DC USA T g

Child Legacy International

Boerne TX USA G

Child Rescue International

Camarillo CA USA K

Child Rights Connect

1983 Geneva Switzerland E y


1973 Bromley UK G

Childbirth Survival International

CSI Baltimore MD USA G

Childcare Worldwide

1981 Bellingham WA USA N

ChildFund Alliance

2002 New York NY USA F y

Childhood Education International

CE International 1892 Washington DC USA G

ChildHope UK

1989 London UK G


2011 Bucharest Romania D

Children in Crossfire

Londonderry UK J

Children of Prisoners Europe

COPE 1993 Montrouge France F