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3.4 Identification procedure

Consistent with the general approach to other sections of the Encyclopedia, a variety of methods was used for collecting information on strategy-related initiatives. The intention has been to use different, but complementary, sources in order to build up strategy profiles containing information from different perspectives.

1. From international organizations

Internal files: A prime source of information was the Union of International Association's (UIA) reference files for organizations described in its companion volume Yearbook of International Organizations. These documents and materials were examined in an attempt to locate information identifying or defining the strategies employed by the organizations, whether explicitly or implicitly.

The method was first used, experimentally and under much more limited circumstances, for the 1986 (2nd edition) of the Encyclopedia. At that time, the expectation was that this procedure might give rise to possibly 100 strategies. In fact some 300 strategy files were created. The information acquired tended, however, to be very diffuse, seldom providing a succinct description of the strategy. One reason for this was that in the search for strategies it was unclear where to d