Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Sustainable Cities & Communities

Cities are hubs for ideas, commerce, culture, science, productivity, social development and much more. At their best, cities have enabled people to advance socially and economically. With the number of people living within cities projected to rise to 5 billion people by 2030, it’s important that efficient urban planning and management practices are in place to deal with the challenges brought by urbanization.

Many challenges exist to maintaining cities in a way that continues to create jobs and prosperity without straining land and resources. Common urban challenges include congestion, lack of funds to provide basic services, a shortage of adequate housing, declining infrastructure and rising air pollution within cities.

Rapid urbanization challenges, such as the safe removal and management of solid waste within cities, can be overcome in ways that allow them to continue to thrive and grow, while improving resource use and reducing pollution and poverty. One such example is an increase in municipal waste collection. There needs to be a future in which cities provide opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

Pacific Rim Park


Pacific Salmon Commission

PSC 1985 Vancouver BC Canada G bg

Pacific Science Association

PSA 1920 Honolulu HI USA C

Pacific Sociological Association

PSA 1929 Arcata CA USA N

Pacific-Asia Biodiversity Transect Network

PABITRA 1997 Adelaide SA Australia F

Paddle Steamer Preservation Society

1959 Godalming UK N

Paleopathology Association

1973 Bradford UK F v

Pan African Conservation Network, Kenya


Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development

Pan African Institute Abuja Nigeria G j

Pan African Social Prospects Centre - Albert Tevoedjre Institute

Porto-Novo Benin E

Pan American Cycling Confederation

1922 Havana Cuba D

Pan American Federation of Architects' Associations

1920 Montevideo Uruguay D

Pan American Health Organization

PAHO 1947 Washington DC USA E g

Pan American Surfing Association

PASA 1992 Lima Peru D

Pan-Africa Bicycle Information Network

PABIN 2001 Seattle WA USA G

Pan-Asia Risk and Insurance Management Association

PARIMA Singapore Singapore D

Pan-European Network for Care of Survivors after Childhood and Adolescent Cancer

PanCare Drogheda Ireland D

Pantera International

PI 1975 Fillmore CA USA N

Parc des trois pays - Espace ouvert sans frontières

1993 Eupen Belgium F g

Parlamento Latinoamericano

PARLATINO 1964 Panama Panama F g

Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

OSCE PA 1991 Copenhagen Denmark F g


1993 Brussels Belgium E g

Partner Community Council

PCC EMEA 1992 Irving TX USA E


1991 Aarwangen Switzerland F

Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles

PCFV 2002 Nairobi Kenya E y

Partnership for Educational Revitalization in the Americas

PREAL 1995 Santiago Chile G

Partnership for Responsible Financial Inclusion

PRFI 2011 Washington DC USA E y

Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport Foundation

SLoCaT Foundation 2014 F fy

Passive and Low-Energy Architecture

PLEA International 1981 London UK F v

Pathfinder International

1957 Watertown MA USA F f

Patient Safety Movement

Irvine CA USA G

Patients Safety and Global Support Initiative

PSGSI Abuja Nigeria G

Patrimoine sans frontières

PSF 1992 Paris France G

Paul K Feyerabend Foundation

2006 J f

Pauvres Serviteurs de la Divine Providence

Don Calabria 1907 Rome Italy R

PCI Security Standards Council

2006 Wakefield MA USA J

Peace and Life Enhancement Initiative International

PLEII 2009 Ijebu-Ode Nigeria G

Peace Containers

Atlanta GA USA G

Peace Education Center, Columbia University

1982 New York NY USA G

Peace House

Oklahoma City OK USA G

Peace Institute, Ljubljana

1991 Ljubljana Slovenia G j

Peace Parks Foundation

1997 Stellenbosch South Africa F f


1990 Union NJ USA G

Pedals for Progress

1991 High Bridge NJ USA G

Penal Reform International

PRI 1989 London UK F

People and Plants International

PPI 1992 Bristol VT USA F v

People in Need

PIN 1992 Prague Czech Rep G

Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace

PFAWP 1986 Volcano HI USA F

Peri-Urban Regions Platform Europe

PURPLE 2004 Brussels Belgium F

Permanent Conference of Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators

1996 Rome Italy E y