Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Sustainable Cities & Communities

Cities are hubs for ideas, commerce, culture, science, productivity, social development and much more. At their best, cities have enabled people to advance socially and economically. With the number of people living within cities projected to rise to 5 billion people by 2030, it’s important that efficient urban planning and management practices are in place to deal with the challenges brought by urbanization.

Many challenges exist to maintaining cities in a way that continues to create jobs and prosperity without straining land and resources. Common urban challenges include congestion, lack of funds to provide basic services, a shortage of adequate housing, declining infrastructure and rising air pollution within cities.

Rapid urbanization challenges, such as the safe removal and management of solid waste within cities, can be overcome in ways that allow them to continue to thrive and grow, while improving resource use and reducing pollution and poverty. One such example is an increase in municipal waste collection. There needs to be a future in which cities provide opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II Type III

100 Historic Sites of the Mediterranean Coastal Heritage

1989 Marseille France K

2Build 4 Ward International Organization

2x4 International Sacramento CA USA F

A Rocha International

1983 London UK F

AACE International

1956 Morgantown WV USA F v

Academic Council on the United Nations System

ACUNS 1987 Coventry UK E y United Nations Bodies, International Federations

Académie européenne, Paris

1984 Paris France G

Academy for Regional Research and Planning

1946 Hannover Germany G

Academy of Cultural Heritages

ACU 2016 Helsinki Finland C

Academy of Dentistry International

ADI 1974 Hicksville OH USA G v

Academy of Peace

1972 Sion Switzerland G v

Acadian Friendship Committee

1973 Poitiers France N v

Access Aid International

AAI Melbourne Australia G Humanitarian Organizations

Access Exchange International

AEI 1991 San Francisco CA USA G

Access Quality International

AQI Chiang Mai Thailand E

Ace Africa

2003 London UK F


1961 Paris France G Humanitarian Organizations


1989 D


1972 Nairobi Kenya E

Act for Africa International

2007 Bristow VA USA F


2015 Vienna Austria N

Acting for Life

1973 Le Bourget France G Humanitarian Organizations

Action for Children and Communities in Africa

ACACIA UK 1995 Abingdon UK G

Action for World Solidarity

1957 Berlin Germany G v Human Rights Organizations

Action Plan for Protection, Development and Management of the Marine Environment of the Northwest Pacific Region

NOWPAP 1991 Busan Korea Rep F g IGOs

Action Plan for the Protection and Development of the Marine Environment and Coastal Areas of the East Asian Region

EAS 1981 Bangkok Thailand F g IGOs

Action Plan for the Protection and Management of the South Asia Seas Region

SASP 1995 Colombo Sri Lanka F g IGOs

Action Plan for the Protection of the Marine Environment and Coastal Areas in the South East Pacific

SE/PCF 1981 Guayaquil Ecuador F g IGOs

Action Without Borders

AWB 1994 New York NY USA G

Actions for Genuine Democratic Alternatives

AGENDA Monrovia Liberia F

Active 20-30 International

1961 Napa CA USA G

Active House Alliance

Brussels Belgium D y International Federations

Additional Convention to the International Convention Signed at Rome on 23 Nov 1933 Concerning the Transport of Goods by Rail

CIM 1950 T g IGOs, Treaties

Additional Protocol to the Bilateral Agreements Relating to the Reciprocal Recognition of Driving Permits and Motorvehicle Registration Certificates

1956 T g IGOs, Treaties

Additional Protocol to the Convention Concerning Customs Facilities for Touring, Relating to the Importation of Tourist Publicity Documents and Material

1954 T g IGOs, Treaties

Additional Protocol to the Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons

1997 Strasbourg France T g IGOs, Treaties

Additional Protocol to the EUROCONTROL International Convention Relating to Cooperation for the Safety of Air Navigation

1970 T g IGOs, Treaties

Additional Protocol to the European Convention for the Protection of Animals During International Transport

1979 Strasbourg France T g IGOs, Treaties

Additional Protocol to the European Outline Convention on Transfrontier Cooperation between Territorial Communities or Authorities

1995 Strasbourg France T g IGOs, Treaties

Adriano Olivetti Foundation

1962 Rome Italy G f Foundations

Adriatic Ionian Euroregion

AIE 2006 Campobasso Italy D

Advance Care Planning International

ACP-i 2010 Heidelberg Australia C

Advantage Africa

2001 Olney UK G

Adventure Tourism Research Association

ATRA 2014 Fort William UK G

AEIDL - European Association for Information on Local Development

1988 Brussels Belgium E v Human Rights Organizations

Africa 2000 Plus Network, Harare

1989 Harare Zimbabwe F

Africa Civil Society for the Information Society

ACSIS 2003 Dakar Senegal D

Africa Community Publishing and Development Trust

ACPDT 1995 Harare Zimbabwe G

Africa Community Technical Service

ACTS Comox BC Canada G

Africa Nomads Conservation

ANC Nairobi Kenya G

Africa on the Move

AFRiMOVE 2018 Kampala Uganda G