Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Sustainable Cities & Communities

Cities are hubs for ideas, commerce, culture, science, productivity, social development and much more. At their best, cities have enabled people to advance socially and economically. With the number of people living within cities projected to rise to 5 billion people by 2030, it’s important that efficient urban planning and management practices are in place to deal with the challenges brought by urbanization.

Many challenges exist to maintaining cities in a way that continues to create jobs and prosperity without straining land and resources. Common urban challenges include congestion, lack of funds to provide basic services, a shortage of adequate housing, declining infrastructure and rising air pollution within cities.

Rapid urbanization challenges, such as the safe removal and management of solid waste within cities, can be overcome in ways that allow them to continue to thrive and grow, while improving resource use and reducing pollution and poverty. One such example is an increase in municipal waste collection. There needs to be a future in which cities provide opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II Type III

African Center for Science and International Security

AFRICSIS 2012 Accra Ghana G

African Centre for Community and Development

AFCOD Limbe Cameroon J

African Community Resource Center

ACRC 1984 Los Angeles CA USA G

African Conservation Centre

ACC Nairobi Kenya G

African Conservation Foundation

ACF 1999 London UK G f Foundations

African Conservation Tillage Network

ACT 1999 Nairobi Kenya F

African Conservation Trust

ACT 2000 Pietermaritzburg South Africa G

African Convention on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

1968 T g Treaties, IGOs

African Council of AIDS Service Organizations

AfriCASO 1991 Dakar Senegal E

African Development Aid Association

ADAA 1988 Addis Ababa Ethiopia G Humanitarian Organizations

African Diaspora Heritage Trail Foundation

ADHT Foundation Paget Bermuda N f Foundations

African Financial Community

F g Common Markets and Free Trade Zones, Intergovernmental Communities, IGOs

African Forum for Urban Security

AFUS 1998 Fann-Dakar Senegal F

African Foundation for Urban Management

Dakar Senegal G f Foundations

African Heritage Research Library and Cultural Center

AHRLC 1988 Ibadan Nigeria F

African Human Rights Heritage

AHRH 1992 Accra Ghana G Human Rights Organizations

African Institute for Community-Driven Development

Khanya-aicdd 1998 Johannesburg South Africa D j Institutes

African Institute for Policy Analysis and Economic Integration

AIPA 1992 Cape Town South Africa N j Institutes

African King Foundation

Newark NJ USA N f Foundations

African Maritime Safety and Security Agency

AMSSA 2007 J

African Network of Women Shelters

ANWS 2012 Kigali Rwanda F

African Parks

AP 2000 Johannesburg South Africa F

African Rainforest Conservancy

ARC 1991 New York NY USA G

African Regional Centre of Technology

ARCT 1977 Dakar Senegal E g IGOs

African Relief in Action

ARIA International 1995 Houston TX USA G

African Safari Lodge Foundation

ASL Foundation Parkview South Africa F f Foundations

African School of Architecture and Town Planning

1975 Lomé Togo F g IGOs

African Security Sector Network

ASSN 2003 Accra Ghana D y International Federations

African Sky

Utrecht Netherlands G f

African Travel and Tourism Association

Atta London UK N

African Union for Housing Finance

AUHF 1983 Parkview South Africa D

African Women's Network for Community Management of Forests

2009 Edéa Cameroon J

African World Heritage Fund

AWHF 2006 Midrand South Africa F g Funds, IGOs

African Youth Safe Abortion Alliance

AYOSA 2014 Mzuzu Malawi D


1970 Washington DC USA F Humanitarian Organizations

Afrihealth Optonet Association

1997 Abuja Nigeria G

AfriMAB Network

1996 Paris France F

AfriOceans Conservation Alliance

AOCA 2003 Fish Hoek South Africa G

Agence de l'eau Rhin-Meuse

1964 Moulin-les-Metz France G g IGOs

Agence des Villes et Territoires Méditerranéens Durables

AViTeM 2012 Marseille France G

Agencia Centroamericana de Acreditación de Programas de Arquitectura y de Ingenieria

ACAAI 2006 Panama Panama D

Agencia Centroamericana de Seguridad Aeronautica

ACSA 1999 Alajuela Costa Rica K g IGOs

Agency for European Integration and Economic Development

AEI 2003 Vienna Austria G g IGOs

Agency for the Safety of Aerial Navigation in Africa and Madagascar

1959 Dakar Senegal D g IGOs

Agreed Measures for the Conservation of Antarctic Fauna and Flora

1964 T g Treaties, IGOs

Agreement between the Central African States Concerning the Creation of a Special Fund for the Conservation of Wild Fauna

1983 T g Funds, Treaties, IGOs

Agreement Concerning Cooperation for the Saving of Human Lives and Assistance to Vessels and Aircraft in Distress in the Black Sea

1956 T g Treaties, IGOs

Agreement Concerning Manned Lightships Not on Their Stations

1930 T g Treaties, IGOs

Agreement Concerning Specific Stability Requirements for Ro-ro Passenger Ships Undertaking Regular Scheduled International Voyages Between, to or from Designated Ports in North West Europe and the Baltic Sea

SOLAS AGR 1996 1996 London UK T g Treaties, IGOs

Agreement Concerning the Preservation or the Re-establishment of the Rights of Industrial Property Affected by the World War

1920 T g Treaties, Human Rights Organizations, IGOs