Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Industries, Innovation & Infrastructure

Investments in infrastructure – transport, irrigation, energy and information and communication technology – are crucial to achieving sustainable development and empowering communities in many countries. It has long been recognized that growth in productivity and incomes, and improvements in health and education outcomes require investment in infrastructure

Manufacturing is an important driver of economic development and employment. At the current time, however, manufacturing value added per capita is only US$100 in the least developed countries compared to over US$4,500 in Europe and Northern America. Another important factor to consider is the emission of Carbon Dioxide during manufacturing processes. Emissions have decreased over the past decade in many countries but the pace of decline has not been even around the world.

Technological progress is the foundation of efforts to achieve environmental objectives, such as increased resource and energy-efficiency. Without technology and innovation, industrialization will not happen, and without industrialization, development will not happen. There needs to be more investments in high-tech products that dominate the manufacturing productions to increase efficiency and a focus on mobile cellular services that increase connections between people.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II Type III

World Entertainment Technology Federation

World-ETF 1995 Langenhagen Germany D

World Equine Airway Symposium

S c Conference Series

World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center

WEA Sustainability Center 2018 Bonn Germany G

World Faiths Development Dialogue

WFDD 1998 Washington DC USA G

World Family of Radio Maria

WF 1998 Casciago Italy F

World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry

WFCCI 1991 Beijing China D

World Federation of Engineering Organizations

WFEO 1968 Paris France A y Professional Bodies, International Federations

World Federation of Industrial Research Associations

W-FIRA 2013 Brussels Belgium C

World Federation of Non-Destructive Evaluation Centers


World Federation of Technical Assessment Organizations

WFTAO 1996 Copenhagen Denmark D

World Federation of Technology Organizations

WFTO 1995 Surrey BC Canada C

World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry

WFSGI 1978 Ittingen Switzerland C

World Federation of United Nations Associations

WFUNA 1946 New York NY USA E Humanitarian Organizations, United Nations Bodies, Human Rights Organizations

World Ferry Safety Association

WFSA 2012 Brooklyn NY USA D

World Fintech Association

2016 Seoul Korea Rep E

World Food Programme

WFP 1961 Rome Italy F g Humanitarian Organizations, United Nations Bodies, FAO Bodies, IGOs

World Forum for Alternatives

WFA 1997 Dakar Senegal F y International Federations

World Forum on Community Networking

WFCN 2001 Montréal QC Canada G

World Green Building Council

WorldGBC 1999 Toronto ON Canada E

World Green Infrastructure Network

WGIN 2008 Toronto ON Canada F

World Habitat

1976 Coalville UK G f Foundations

World Historic and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperation Organization

WCCO 2009 Yangzhou China C y International Federations

World Hovercraft Federation

WHF 1994 Remanzacco Italy D

World Industry Network

WIN 2003 Amsterdam Netherlands E

World Information Transfer

WIT 1986 New York NY USA F Humanitarian Organizations

World Institute for Engineering and Technology Education

WIETE Melbourne Australia C j Institutes

World Insulation and Acoustics Congress Organization


World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO 1967 Geneva Switzerland B g United Nations Bodies, IGOs

World Iodine Association

WIA Ternat Belgium D y International Federations

World Maritime University

WMU 1983 Malmö Sweden E y International Federations

World Natural Health Organization

WNHO 1983 Burlington WA USA G

World Nuclear Transport Institute

WNTI 1998 London UK E j Institutes

World Ocean and Cruise Liner Society

WOCLS 1980 Stamford CT USA N

World Organization of Building Officials

WOBO 1984 Amman Jordan D

World Organization of Dredging Associations

WODA 1967 Delft Netherlands E y International Federations

World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies

WOCAT 1992 Bern Switzerland K

World Paint and Coatings Industry Association

WPCIA 1976 J

World PCO Alliance

Tokyo Japan D Professional Bodies

World Plumbing Council

WPC 1990 F

World Ports Seminar

1982 S c Conference Series

World Puja

1998 Yalaha FL USA N

World Reference Laboratory for Foot and Mouth Diseases

WRLFMD 1958 Pirbright UK G

World Road Association

PIARC 1909 Paris La Défense France B y International Federations

World Schools Debating Championships

WSDC 1988 Ascot UK E

World Self-Medication Industry

WSMI 1970 Nyon Switzerland B y International Federations

World Ship Society

WSS 1947 Mitcham UK F

World Ship Trust

1979 London UK N f Foundations

World Smart Capital Initiative


World Society for Transport and Land Use Research

WSTLUR Montréal QC Canada C

World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies

WSSET Nottingham UK C