Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Industries, Innovation & Infrastructure

Investments in infrastructure – transport, irrigation, energy and information and communication technology – are crucial to achieving sustainable development and empowering communities in many countries. It has long been recognized that growth in productivity and incomes, and improvements in health and education outcomes require investment in infrastructure

Manufacturing is an important driver of economic development and employment. At the current time, however, manufacturing value added per capita is only US$100 in the least developed countries compared to over US$4,500 in Europe and Northern America. Another important factor to consider is the emission of Carbon Dioxide during manufacturing processes. Emissions have decreased over the past decade in many countries but the pace of decline has not been even around the world.

Technological progress is the foundation of efforts to achieve environmental objectives, such as increased resource and energy-efficiency. Without technology and innovation, industrialization will not happen, and without industrialization, development will not happen. There needs to be more investments in high-tech products that dominate the manufacturing productions to increase efficiency and a focus on mobile cellular services that increase connections between people.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

UNCITRAL Model Law on Procurement of Goods and Construction

1993 Vienna Austria T g

UNCITRAL Model Law on Procurement of Goods, Construction and Services

1994 Vienna Austria T g

Underwriters Laboratories

UL 1894 Northbrook IL USA G

UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry

COFFI 1947 Geneva GE Switzerland E g

UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Communication and Information

1948 Delhi Delhi India E g

UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology

1988 Sydney NSW Australia J

UNIDO International Solar Energy Centre for Technology Promotion and Transfer

ISEC 2006 Lanzhou Gansu China E g

Union des chambres de commerce et de l'industrie de l'Océan Indien

UCCIOI 1989 Port Louis Mauritius D

Union des fabricants pour la protection internationale de la propriété industrielle et artistique

UF 1872 Paris France N

Union des industries ferroviaires européennes

UNIFE 1975 Brussels Belgium D

Union Europäischer Gerüstbaubetriebe

UEG 2008 Cologne Germany D

Union Européenne Contre les Nuisances des Avions

UECNA 1968 Milly-sur-Thérain France D

Union Européenne de l'Industrie des Lubrifiants

UEIL 1963 Brussels Belgium D

Union européenne des modélistes ferroviaires et des amis des chemins de fer

1954 Landsberg am Lech Germany D

Union européenne des promoteurs-constructeurs

UEPC 1958 Brussels Belgium D

Union européenne des transporteurs routiers

UETR 1998 Brussels Belgium D

Union européenne pour l'agrément technique dans la construction

UEAtc 1960 Brussels Belgium D

Union for Sports, Culture, Tourism International for Posts and Telecommunications

Union SCIPT 1992 Marsa Malta E

Union for the International Classification for Industrial Designs

Locarno Union 1971 F g

Union for the International Deposit of Industrial Designs

The Hague Union 1925 F g

Union for the International Registration of Marks

Madrid Union 1892 F g

Union for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and their International Registration

Lisbon Union 1958 F g

Union internationale de la presse francophone

UPF 1950 Paris France C

Union internationale de presse ferroviaire

FERPRESS 1960 Herisau AR Switzerland D

Union internationale des associations et organismes scientifiques et techniques

UATI 1950 Paris France A y

Union internationale des ingénieurs et des scientifiques utilisant la langue française

UISF 1987 Paris France C

Union internationale des laboratoires indépendants

UILI 1960 Breda Netherlands C

Union internationale des services médicaux des chemins de fer

UIMC 1949 Paris France C

Union internationale des sociétés de transport combiné rail - route

UIRR 1970 Brussels Belgium F

Union internationale des techniciens de l'industrie de la chaussure

UITIC 1974 C

Union internationale des wagons-privés

1950 Brussels Belgium D

Union of African Railways

UAR 1972 D g

Union of African Shippers' Councils

UASC 1977 Douala Cameroon E g

Union of Arab Chambers

UAC 1951 Beirut Beirut Lebanon D

Union of Concerned Scientists

UCS 1969 Cambridge MA USA G

Union of European Beverages Associations

UNESDA 1959 Brussels Belgium E

Union of European Chambers of Commerce for Transport

UECC 1949 Basel BS Switzerland D

Union of Local and Non Local General Service Staff FAO/WFP

1976 Rome RM Italy E v

Union of Road Transport Associations in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Region

BSEC-URTA 2001 Istanbul Istanbul Turkey D

Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations

USEA Moscow Moskva Russia G

Union of the Electricity Industry - Eurelectric

1999 Brussels Belgium D

Unión Panamericana de Asociaciones de Ingenieros

UPADI 1949 Sao Paulo SP Brazil D y

Union radio-scientifique internationale

URSI 1913 Ghent Belgium C

Unione Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo e La Pace

UVISP-Assisi 1987 Bastia Umbra PG Italy G


2014 Würzburg Germany D

United Federation of Travel Agents' Associations

UFTAA 1966 Monte Carlo Monaco B

United Nations

UN 1945 New York NY USA A gy

United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business

UN/CEFACT 1997 Geneva GE Switzerland E g

United Nations Children's Fund

UNICEF 1946 New York NY USA F fg

United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development

CSTD 1992 Geneva GE Switzerland E g