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3.4 Examples of vicious problem cycles and loops

On this page are a selection of problem loops (see commentary) which illustrate the detail of the interconnections between individual problems. . In these cases, each problem aggravates the problem immediately below it, with the last problem in the chain aggravating the first, thus indirectly aggravating itself.

PC2430 Drought
PD8054 Fires
PD0119 Air pollution
PC0918 Global warming
PE4263 Vulnerability to long-term changes in precipitation patterns
PD0489 Inadequate rainfall

PC2566 Restricted growth in export markets
PE0938 Excessive dependence on export credits
PC3056 External debt crisis
PC0998 Imbalance of payments
PF1277 Cyclic business recessions
PD0463 Instability of the commodities trade

PF1781 Insufficient means for community initiative
PE8012 Dependence on external expertise
PE6274 Inadequacies of foreign consultants
PF5660 Short range planning for long-term development
PF6506 Ineffective methods of local consensus building
PF1205 Fragmented social responsibility

PC2616 Environmental degradation of inner city areas
PC7118 Community underfulfilment
PF6479 Underdeveloped community leadership
PF2437 Deficient communal mandate
PF3307 Citizens disengaged from community activities
PE1545 Neighbourhood control by criminals
PG8952 Crime deters improvement

PB5568 Ignorance
PF3392 Ideological confusion
PF1934 Inadequate sense of personal identity
PF0879 Lack of self-confidence
PF4436 Boasting
PB7600 Lying
PB3095 Incorrect information

PC0229 Radioactive contamination
PD2389 Genetic defects and diseases
PE6898 Hypersensitivity
PE6937 Occupational stress
PC0865 Occupational risk to health
PD0646 Industrial accidents

PC2550 Administrative delays
PF6512 Unexplored opportunities for community education
PF5320 Unequal opportunity for vocational training
PF3409 Haphazard transmission of practical technology
PF3393 Lack of sharing of community skills
PG8610 Inadequate skills in dealing with bureaucracies
PC0267 Bureaucratic inaction

PB0657 Fatigue
PE2197 Sleep disorders
PF1824 Enhanced risks of disease
PB1044 Human disease and disability
PC0281 Economic underdevelopment
PC0244 Discrimination in employment
PD0142 Inadequate working conditions

PF2173 Prejudice
PE2131 Antisemitism
PE4936 Historical misrepresentation
PF3475 Unpardonable historical events
PF0460 Preoccupation with historical symbolism
PD2082 Biased and inaccurate history textbooks

PF6220 Spiritual void
PF2068 Young people's lack of context for the future
PD0878 Juvenile stress
PF7149 Disobedience of elders
PF1825 Unmeaningful social roles for the aged
PF4754 Self-image unrelated to the external world
PF4589 Marginalization of the inner self

PC0111 Environmental hazards due to economic development
PC1366 Deforestation
PC4824 Shortage of natural resources
PD4569 Unbridled competition for land
PF1225 Unethical practices relating to development
PF7318 Environmental prodigality

PF3545 Alienation
PD2682 Youth gangs
PE1545 Neighbourhood control by criminals
PF6299 Psychological stress of urban environment
PC5536 Substance abuse
PC2102 Family breakdown

PF0430 Superstition
PF3358 Undue religious influence on secular life
PF1939 Religious schism
PC3363 Sectarian conflict
PC0582 Discrimination against minorities
PE1281 Gypsy persecution

PB0072 Human death
PD4840 Personal life crises
PC1648 Stress in human beings
PD0713 Tobacco smoking
PD2408 Asthma
PE4104 Asphyxia

PF2347 Structural failure of citizen participation
PF6098 Collapse in the meaning of participating in society
PF1205 Fragmented social responsibility
PF4754 Self-image unrelated to the external world
PF0879 Lack of self-confidence
PF0749 Decline in civic participation

PF7125 Conspiracies for societal control
PF3100 International non-military conflict
PC3185 Foreign government intervention
PD1738 Guerrilla warfare
PD2483 Massacres
PF0200 Zionism

PB5568 Ignorance
PF8352 Unexplained phenomena
PF3682 Procrastination of science in the face of the unexplained
PF1928 Non-recognition of health problems by the medical profession
PF1615 Suppression of scientific information
PF2453 Selective perception of facts

PF2173 Prejudice
PC0031 Segregation
PC0352 Discrimination against indigenous populations
PC2114 Destruction of cultural heritage
PC3291 Ethnic disintegration
PF1934 Inadequate sense of personal identity
PB0147 Psychological alienation

PC3292 Religious conflict
PF2132 Lack of assimilation
PB0514 Social inequality
PC1968 Caste system
PC1864 Social discrimination
PF2375 Minority control

PF1768 Fragmented agricultural development
PF2457 Limited farm mechanization
PE7948 Insufficient returns from farming
PF6572 Risk of capital investment
PF6477 Diminishing capital investment in small communities
PE1809 Prohibitive cost of cooperative start-up

PC3195 Cultural imperialism
PD2041 Cultural illiteracy
PF5957 Cultural suicide
PD5517 Loss of cultural diversity
PF2679 Lack of appreciation of cultural differences

PF2352 Inhibited capacity to visualize a creative future
PF6575 Detrimental story of community future
PF1735 Reluctance to join in community action
PC0588 Non-participation
PF6127 Ineffectiveness of individual participation in large communities
PF8076 Undermined citizen confidence

PF8658 Irresponsibility
PD0158 Induced abortion
PD0745 Promiscuity
PC1874 Illegitimate children
PF1324 Social fragmentation
PB2496 Social breakdown