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The emphasis of this project is on providing descriptions of less well-known strategies and solutions, and the strategy descriptions here represent a compilation of views from published documents (usually from international organizations). The text provided does not necessarily constitute the best possible description of the strategy, since a compromise has had to be struck between availability of information, the resources to process it, and the space available.


The Encyclopedia of Global Strategies and Solutions necessarily includes some strategies which appear "negative," and may indeed be treated separately as problems (by those using opposing or incompatible strategies, and in the complementary World Problems and Global Issues section of the Encyclopedia). For instance, some strategies, including slave and drug trading, which are generally rejected by the international community today, have been actively and openly pursued by some countries in the not too distant past. Other "negative" strategies, including "political assassination" and "destabilization of foreign countries", continue to be actively pursued by some countries, if only as covert operations considered essential to their national security. This collection of strategies should NOT therefore be considered as a simple list of "positive" strategies recommended by the organizations providing the information.

At the same time, the majority of the strategies are indeed advocated for their constructive outcomes. The Encyclopedia therefore challenges the reader to exercise discrimination in determining under what circumstances a strategy may be used and in what way it may be "positive" or "negative" in its consequences. This is often the dilemma faced by leaders. In some profiles, explanatory texts are included, where available, to clarify conflicting claims as to the "positive" or "negative" function of each strategy from different perspectives. Many strategies are perceived to have both "positive" and "negative" consequences in constraining or facilitating other strategies. The Encyclopedia, however controversial and incomplete, therefore attempts to depict the "ecosystem" of interrelated initiatives active in society, whether actual or potential. Inclusion of "strategies" on this list should not be considered to imply that they are advocated by the UIA.