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Strategies do not have unique or official names. Many of the strategies have two or more other names associated with them to reflect different keywords and ways of describing them. Some have up to ten names. The complete alphabetic list based on a single name per strategy, is therefore an essentially arbitrary ordering of the strategies. As a random presentation of the contents of the database, it has the advantage of drawing attention to the variety of modes of action envisaged by individuals and groups. 


Strategy profiles contain various descriptive elements of the strategy including name, description or definition, context and implementation. This is followed by cross-references of two types: 'hierarchical' which include links to broader, narrower and related strategies; and 'functional' which includes links to strategies that constrain or are constrained by, facilitate or are facilitated by, the central strategy in question. There are also cross-references to other database sections within the research area of the Encyclopedia including World Problems and Issues, and Human Values. Cross-references also extend to other databases and information deriving from the separate research areas of Bibliography relating to the Encyclopedia and International Organizations. For a more detailed overview of the problem profiles, see Entry Content and Organization.