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Problems under consideration

This section groups together problems which are under consideration for inclusion in the preceding sections. As such they may overlap problems already appearing there or may be rejected for a variety of other reasons. Problems are included in this section: (a) whenever documents have been located implying that an entry could possibly be elaborated for any of the previous sections, if resources permitted; or (b) where there was doubt that the problem named could be appropriately distinguished, at this state, from other problems with similar names.
No descriptions are provided. The problems in Section J only appear:
  • as cross-references of entries in earlier sections
  • in the index which refers to entries in earlier sections in which they are mentioned as cross-references
Note that further information relevant to an understanding of the problem may be present in other problems to which the index cross-reference refers, especially any broader problems.
This section groups 214 problems for which there are 901 cross-references.
In the process of collecting information for description in the previous sections, the names of many interesting candidates for inclusion emerge. Since the problem collection process is an ongoing one, this section provides a valuable means of reflecting the kinds of problem on which further information is being sought.
Registering a problem in this section ensures that borderline or questionable cases can be noted at an early stage. They are immediately indexed and included in hierarchies and networks of cross-references in anticipation of the opportunity for future research and editorial work on them. This section therefore provides a possibility for initiating the process of setting such problems in context.
The entries are based on information obtained from international organizations, from a wide variety of reference books, or as reported in the international media. The procedures for identifying world problems are described in the Notes.
A keyword index to entries is provided.
Detailed comments are given in the Notes.
The emphasis throughout this volume has been placed on providing descriptions of less well-known problems, particularly when the extensive material available on the better known problems contained neither succinct descriptions of them nor descriptive material which could easily be reduced to succinct descriptions.