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UN Sustainable Development Goals

GOAL 15: Life on Land

Organizations relating to Trees

International Tree Crops Institute / Est. 1977
Tree Pest Management Network for Central, Eastern and Southern Africa / Est. 1996
Trees for Life International / Est. 1984
International Chestnut Commission / Est. 1951
European Arboricultural Council / Est. 1993
ASEAN Forest Tree Seed Centre Project / Est. 1981
Forest, Farm and Community Tree Network / Est. 1981
Association européenne des producteurs de sapins de Noël
International Willow Collectors / Est. 1988
Bull Foundation / Est. 1993
Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity / Est. 1985
Tree Aid / Est. 1987
Tree Society of Southern Africa / Est. 1946
Plant a Tree in Africa
International Teak Information Network / Est. 1995
Union for the Imported Softwood Trade of the EEC / Est. 1960
Trees for the Future / Est. 1989
International Association for Education, Development and Distribution of Lesser Known Food Plants and Trees
European-Asian Network for the Development of Strategies to Enhance the Sustainable Use of Sea Buckthorn
Nordic Virtual Centre for Advanced Research in Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding
International Tree Project Clearinghouse
CEDAR Fund / Est. 1991
Central America and Mexican Coniferous Resources Cooperative / Est. 1980
Forest Genetic Resource Information System
International Neem Network / Est. 1994

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World Problems relating to Trees

From the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

Threatened species of Arborophila charltonii
Threatened species of Arborophila mandellii
Threatened species of Aphelocephala pectoralis
Threatened species of Rhacophoridae
Threatened species of Idea malabarica
Threatened species of Amazilia boucardi
Threatened species of Rhipiceridae
Threatened urban trees
Inappropriate tree plantations
Threatened trees
Logging of old stand forests
Threatened species of Hylidae
Threatened species of Dendrolagus bennettianus
Forest decline
Threatened species of Diprionidae
Threatened species of Sanzinia madagascariensis
Threatened species of Litoria nannotis
Threatened species of Dendrolagus scottae
Threatened species of Dendrolagus
Dutch elm disease
Underdevelopment of forestry industry
Threatened species of Pitta megarhyncha
Unsustainable cultivation of long-lifed trees
Inadequate agroforestry

Action Strategies relating to Trees

From the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

Protecting coastal wetlands
Planting fast-growing trees
Planting trees
Managing non-timber forest resources
Planting productive fruit trees
Practicing silviculture
Planting exotic plant species
Conserving Mexican pine-oak forest ecoregion
Promoting environmentally friendly paper products
Protecting trees
Farming with multipurpose tree species
Creating tree plantations
Using forested resources
Preserving old growth forests
Using tree-based subsistence farming
Conserving Greater Antillean pine forest ecoregion
Conserving Eastern Himalayan broadleaf and conifer forest ecoregion
Conserving East African acacia savannah ecoregion
Conserving southeastern conifer and broadleaf forest ecoregion
Conserving Klamath-Siskiyou coniferous forest ecoregion
Conserving Sierra Nevada conifer forest ecoregion
Protecting hedges and hedgerow trees
Growing olive trees
Destroying hedges and hedgerow trees
Educating about trees

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