Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Responsible Consumption & Production

Sustainable consumption and production is about promoting resource and energy efficiency, sustainable infrastructure, and providing access to basic services, green and decent jobs and a better quality of life for all. Its implementation helps to achieve overall development plans, reduce future economic, environmental and social costs, strengthen economic competitiveness and reduce poverty.

At the current time, material consumption of natural resources is increasing, particularly within Eastern Asia. Countries are also continuing to address challenges regarding air, water and soil pollution.

Since sustainable consumption and production aims at “doing more and better with less,” net welfare gains from economic activities can increase by reducing resource use, degradation and pollution along the whole life cycle, while increasing quality of life. There also needs to be significant focus on operating on supply chain, involving everyone from producer to final consumer. This includes educating consumers on sustainable consumption and lifestyles, providing them with adequate information through standards and labels and engaging in sustainable public procurement, among others.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

Transnational Giving Europe

TGE 1998 Brussels Belgium F y

Transparency, Accountability and Participation Network

TAP Network New York NY USA F y

Treaty on Patents of Invention, Industrial Drawings and Models and Trademarks

1902 T g

Treaty Respecting Literary, Artistic and Industrial Property

1901 T g


1997 Brussels Belgium G

Trilateral Commission

TC 1973 Paris France F v

Trilateral Committee for Wildlife and Ecosystem Conservation and Management

1996 Falls Church VA USA E g


1989 Frankfurt-Main Germany G

Tropical Agriculture Research and Higher Education Center

1973 Turrialba Costa Rica E g

Trust Fund for the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals

UNEP/CMS Trust Fund Nairobi Kenya K fg

Turfgrass Producers International

TPI 1967 East Dundee IL USA N

Turtle Conservancy

TC 2009 Ojai CA USA G

Turtle Conservation Fund

TCF 2002 F f


1990 Gillingham UK G

UFI - The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry

1925 Levallois-Perret France B ty


1971 Montréal QC Canada E

Ultrasonic Industry Association

UIA 1956 Dayton OH USA N t

UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre

UN Environment WCMC 2000 E g

UNCITRAL Model Law on Procurement of Goods and Construction

1993 Vienna Austria T g

UNCITRAL Model Law on Procurement of Goods, Construction and Services

1994 Vienna Austria T g

UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry

COFFI 1947 Geneva Switzerland E gt

UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe

UNESDA 1959 Brussels Belgium E

UNIDROIT Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment

Cape Town convention 2001 Rome Italy T g

Union des chambres de commerce et de l'industrie de l'Océan Indien

UCCIOI 1989 Port Louis Mauritius D t

Union des fabricants pour la protection internationale de la propriété industrielle et artistique

UF 1872 Paris France N t

Union Europäischer Gerüstbaubetriebe

UEG 2008 Cologne Germany D

Union Européenne de l'Industrie des Lubrifiants

UEIL 1963 Brussels Belgium D t

Union européenne des vétérinaires praticiens

UEVP 1970 Brussels Belgium D

Union européenne pour la promotion des formations techniques dans les métiers de l'hôtellerie

UNATECH 1978 Auxerre France D v


1959 Brussels Belgium D

Union for the International Classification for Industrial Designs

Locarno Union 1971 F gt

Union for the International Deposit of Industrial Designs

The Hague Union 1925 F gt

Union internationale des sociétés de transport combiné rail - route

UIRR 1970 Brussels Belgium F

Union internationale des techniciens de l'industrie de la chaussure

UITIC 1974 C t

Union of Arab Chambers

UAC 1951 Beirut Lebanon D

Union of Black Sea and Caspian Business

BCB 2006 Istanbul Turkey D

Union of European Federation of Corporate Football


Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises

BUSINESSMED 2002 Tunis Tunisia D

Union of Organizations of manufacturers of Pasta Products of the EU

1960 Rome Italy E

Union of the Electricity Industry - Eurelectric

1999 Brussels Belgium D t

Unistock Europe

1969 Brussels Belgium E

United Nations

UN 1945 New York NY USA A gy

United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business

UN/CEFACT 1997 Geneva Switzerland E gt

United Nations Children's Fund

UNICEF 1946 New York NY USA F fg

United Nations Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters

1968 New York NY USA E g

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNCTAD 1964 Geneva Switzerland E g

United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

1980 Vienna Austria T g

United Nations Convention on International Bills of Exchange and International Promissory Notes

1988 Vienna Austria T g

United Nations Convention on the Liability of Operators of Transport Terminals in International Trade

1991 Vienna Austria T g

United Nations Development Programme

UNDP 1965 New York NY USA E g