Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all

Clean Water & Sanitation

Clean, accessible water for all is an essential part of the world we want to live in and there is sufficient fresh water on the planet to achieve this. However, due to bad economics or poor infrastructure, millions of people including children die every year from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene.

Water scarcity, poor water quality and inadequate sanitation negatively impact food security, livelihood choices and educational opportunities for poor families across the world. At the current time, more than 2 billion people are living with the risk of reduced access to freshwater resources and by 2050, at least one in four people is likely to live in a country affected by chronic or recurring shortages of fresh water. Drought in specific afflicts some of the world’s poorest countries, worsening hunger and malnutrition. Fortunately, there has been great progress made in the past decade regarding drinking sources and sanitation, whereby over 90% of the world’s population now has access to improved sources of drinking water.

To improve sanitation and access to drinking water, there needs to be increased investment in management of freshwater ecosystems and sanitation facilities on a local level in several developing countries within Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, Southern Asia, Eastern Asia and South-Eastern Asia.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II Type III

Akvo Foundation

2006 The Hague Netherlands G f Foundations


1999 Long Beach CA USA G

Alianza por el Agua

2006 Saragossa Spain G y International Federations

Alliance for Global Water Adaptation

AGAW 2010 Stockholm Sweden E

Alliance for Rural Electrification

ARE 2006 Brussels Belgium E

Alliance for Synthetic Fuels in Europe

ASFE 2006 Brussels Belgium F

Alliance for Water Stewardship

AWS C y International Federations

Alliance to End Plastic Waste

2019 Dover DE USA C

Alliances for Africa

AfA 1996 Lagos Nigeria G Human Rights Organizations

Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, 2016

Kigali Amendment 2016 T g Treaties, IGOs

Amendments to the Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution

1995 T g Treaties, IGOs

Amendments to the Protocol for the Prevention of Pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by Dumping from Ships and Aircraft

1995 T g Treaties, IGOs

American Coal Ash Association

ACAA 1968 Farmington Hills MI USA F

American Near East Refugee Aid

ANERA 1968 Washington DC USA G Humanitarian Organizations

American Refugee Committee

ARC 1978 Minneapolis MN USA G Humanitarian Organizations

American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa

ARAHA 2000 Columbia Heights MN USA G Humanitarian Organizations

American Society of Limnology and Oceanography

ASLO 1936 Waco TX USA N

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

ASTMH 1951 Arlington VA USA G

American Water Works Association

AWWA 1881 Denver CO USA E

Andean Institute of Ecology and Development

Cusco Peru G j Institutes

Andheri-Hilfe, Bonn

1967 Bonn Germany G Humanitarian Organizations

Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

Auckland New Zealand E

Appel aide aux enfants victimes de conflits

1969 Paris France G Humanitarian Organizations

Aqua Publica Europea

APE 2008 Brussels Belgium D


2011 Omaha NE USA G


S c Conference Series


2002 D g IGOs

Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management Society

AEHMS 1989 Burlington ON Canada C

Aquatic Gardeners Association

Denton TX USA N v

Arab Countries Water Utilities Association

ACWUA 2006 Amman Jordan D

Arab Drilling and Workover Company

ADWOC 1980 Tripoli Libyan AJ K ge Corporations, Companies, IGOs

Arab Foundation for Marine Environment

AFME 1995 Alexandria Egypt F f Foundations

Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization

ARCO 1975 Riyadh Saudi Arabia E Humanitarian Organizations

Arab Towns Development Fund

ATDF 1979 Kaifan Kuwait F f Funds, Funds

Arab Water Council

AWC 2004 Cairo Egypt D

Arab Water Network for Capacity Building

Awarenet Beirut Lebanon F

Archbishop of Sydney's Anglican Aid

Sydney Australia G f Humanitarian Organizations, Funds

Arctic Contaminants Action Program

ACAP Anchorage AK USA K g IGOs

Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme

AMAP 1991 Tromsø Norway E gy International Federations, IGOs

Arctic Regional Hydrographic Commission

ARHC 2010 Ottawa ON Canada E g IGOs

ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution

2002 T g Treaties, IGOs

ASEAN Power Grid

Nonthaburi Thailand E g IGOs

ASEAN Specialized Meteorological Centre

ASMC 1993 Singapore Singapore E

Asia Middle East Bottled Water Association

ABWA 1992 Jakarta Indonesia D

Asia Network of Organics Recycling

ANOR 2002 Tokyo Japan F

Asia Pacific Association of Hydrology and Water Resources

APHW 2002 Kyoto Japan D

Asia-Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate

APPCDC 2005 F g IGOs

Asia-Pacific Water Forum

APWF 2006 Tokyo Japan F

Asian Clean Fuels Association

ACFA 2000 Singapore Singapore D

Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development

FORUM-ASIA 1991 Bangkok Thailand F Human Rights Organizations