HeadQuarters Magazine

February, 2010  ❘  EMEA n°37  ❘ 
In This Issue
  • Estonia: Positively Surprising
  • UIA: Making the Most of Your Revenue
  • ESAE: Growing Your Revenue
December, 2009  ❘  EMEA n°36  ❘ 
In This Issue
  • Valencia: In Great Shape
  • UIA: The Mathematics of Partnership in the Association World
  • ESAE: Associations: The Partnerships Out There
October, 2009  ❘  EMEA n°35  ❘ 
In This Issue
  • Swiss Convention Centres: Golden Quality
  • UIA: European (but non E-U) Legislation and Policies of Relevance to Associations and All Civil Society
  • ESAE: A Focus on Europe
August, 2009  ❘  EMEA n°34  ❘ 
In This Issue
  • Planting a Meetings Forest
  • UIA: Association Response to the Current Business Climate
  • ESAE: Responding to the Current Financial Crisis and Economic Recession
June, 2009  ❘  EMEA n°33  ❘ 
In This Issue
  • Past, Present and Future Congress Pearls
  • UIA: Law of the Land - National Registration Requirements Set Governance Structures
  • ESAE: Governance and Associations - An Introduction by Luc Maene



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UIA and HeadQuarters Magazine

The UIA partners with HeadQuarters by contributing articles for the Europe, Middle-East, Africa (EMEA), and the HeadQuarters Asia-Pacific (HAP) editions.

HeadQuarters Magazine serves the needs of association executives dealing with the organization of congresses all over the world. Headquartered in Brussels, where many regional, European, international and worldwide associations are also headquartered, it is a niche magazine written in English.