HeadQuarters Magazine

July, 2011  ❘  HAP n°06  ❘ 
In This Issue
  • Japan the Aftermath: An Interview with JNTO's Tadatoshi Mamiya
  • UIA: Practical Issues When Organizing an Association Event
June, 2011  ❘  EMEA n°45  ❘ 
In This Issue
  • The Technology Issue: HQ Meets iPad
  • UIA: The Art of Asking: Fundraising for Associations
  • ESAE: Technology for Associations: We've Come A Long Way!
April, 2011  ❘  EMEA n°44  ❘ 
In This Issue
  • Celebrating South Africa's Convention Cities
  • UIA: Mission Impossible: Fundraising for Associations
  • ESAE: The Fundraising and Sponsorship Efforts of Associations
March, 2011  ❘  HAP n°05  ❘ 
In This Issue
  • Go Global - Go to Dubai: An Interview with Jerad Bachar
  • UIA: Your Members: Keeping Them, Finding More
March, 2011  ❘  EMEA n°43  ❘ 
In This Issue
  • Taiwan: A Very Special Island Experience
  • UIA: Practical Issues When Organizing an Association Event
  • ESAE: Associations: Time to Get Practical



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UIA and HeadQuarters Magazine

The UIA partners with HeadQuarters by contributing articles for the Europe, Middle-East, Africa (EMEA), and the HeadQuarters Asia-Pacific (HAP) editions.

HeadQuarters Magazine serves the needs of association executives dealing with the organization of congresses all over the world. Headquartered in Brussels, where many regional, European, international and worldwide associations are also headquartered, it is a niche magazine written in English.