Civil Society Glossary


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In the summer of 2004, the UIA partnered with the Europhil Trust to edit, publish and host its Civil Society Glossary. This is the most recent version which appeared online in 2006.

The Civil Society Glossary is a resource of terms and definitions used when working in and with the civil society sector.

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Term Definition
That which comes in as the periodical produce of work, business, lands or investment (usually expressed in terms of money), periodical receipts, revenues.
Income And Expenditure Account
A statement of the sums properly due to a charity and the expenses rightly to be incurred in a given period.
The action of creating or becoming a legal body with permanent existence.
Inland Revenue

The part of the national revenue consisting of taxes and inland duties.

Applied also to the government department which collects such taxes.

An establishment having premises and staff of its own set up for a particular purpose, eg learning, research, health-care etc.
Inter Vivos
During lifetime.
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