Civil Society Glossary


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In the summer of 2004, the UIA partnered with the Europhil Trust to edit, publish and host its Civil Society Glossary. This is the most recent version which appeared online in 2006.

The Civil Society Glossary is a resource of terms and definitions used when working in and with the civil society sector.

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Term Definition
Fair Share
A suggested scale or guide for giving of funds to a non-profit, fund-raising organisation, usually based upon actual living patterns of individuals in the appropriate geographic area.
Federated Fund Raising (Federated Funding)

(Refers particularly to the USA)

The coalescing of donors, human service agencies, beneficiaries, and the general community with a single effort to:

  • Raise funds for a variety of human services;
  • Determine the allocations of funds to agencies for programs;
  • Account for the effectiveness and efficiency in using the funds.

1. Dignity or emoluments of the member of a university, college or professional association.

2. Postgraduate scholarship.

Field Of Service
A grouping (for identification purposes) of various human service programs by common element, such as health, recreation, community development, etc.

(Noun) Money requisite for the carrying on of a foundation or charity.

(Verb) To provide money, including a levying and applying capital or income.

The pecuniary resources of an organisation.

(Verb) To go after, or pursue closely.

(Noun) A second or subsequent appeal for funds or other aid; an action taken to give further effect to something done previously.

Foundation, A

According to an internationally agreed definition, a non-governmental and non-profit making body having an endowment fund of its own, and managed by its own trustees or directors to serve the common welfare.

Foundations are the main institutions in the western world through which private funds and other resources are made available to the community. Their legal status and social significance is very different from one country to another. In England and Wales "charities' are the nearest equivalent of the 'foundations' of other countries. Foundations are important institutions in the United States, Germany, Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries and also in Spain and Italy, much less in France and other European States. In some countries they are regulated by statute law, in others by judge-made or customary law. In some States no foundation may be set up without a previous public authorisation.

Foundation, Grant Making
A foundation whose principal purpose is to make grants to persons or bodies whose activities will further the aims pursued by the foundation, in contrast to the operational foundation (qv).
Foundation, Operational
One which carried out itself the activities for which it was formed, excluding grant-making. (Vide also Foundation, Grant Making).
Foundation, Pass-Through
One acting as intermediary between the initial donors and the recipients of their bounty.
Foundation, Public
A private foundation created by a public authority, in consequence of which, although the funds have been provided out of the public purse, the fund thus created is governed only by the rules of private law.
One who alone or together with others creates a foundation or other public body.
Friendly Society
In English law societies registered under the Friendly Societies Acts and established to provide for the relief or maintenance of the members and their families during sickness, old age etc.
Functional Budgeting And Accounting (Program Budgeting And Accounting)
The process of planning for and accounting for fiscal and service activities of separately identifiable programs, as well as the general management and fund raising functions, operated by an agency.
Fund Raising
The act of collecting donations and seeking money for the benefit of a charitable cause or institution.
Fund Raising Counsel
A professional adviser on fund raising.
Stocks or sums of money.
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