Civil Society Glossary


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In the summer of 2004, the UIA partnered with the Europhil Trust to edit, publish and host its Civil Society Glossary. This is the most recent version which appeared online in 2006.

The Civil Society Glossary is a resource of terms and definitions used when working in and with the civil society sector.

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Term Definition
Voluntary Agency or Organisation
A non-profit non-governmental society or body of persons, maintained or supported solely by freewill offerings or contributions, and free from state interference or control. It applies particularly to an organisation offering people's time and work free of charge, as opposed to an organisation offering money.
Volunteer Service
Promoting some social good with the help and participation of individuals who have offered their services and have chosen to work part or full time without remuneration.

(American) The movement of providing volunteer services.

Often erroneously referred to as "voluntarism" (which means, however, the theory or doctrine which regards will as a dominant factor in the individual).

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