Civil Society Glossary


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In the summer of 2004, the UIA partnered with the Europhil Trust to edit, publish and host its Civil Society Glossary. This is the most recent version which appeared online in 2006.

The Civil Society Glossary is a resource of terms and definitions used when working in and with the civil society sector.

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Term Definition
A broad statement describing the overall or ultimate objectives of the programs, services, and service systems encompassed within the goal, (e.g. Optimal health).
Governing Body

1. A term for a body appointed by resolution to manage an organisation, particularly where that body is not a general assembly of members.

2. Persons indicated by the constitution for the purpose.

Governing Instrument
A formal legal document in writing which sets out the purpose and limits the activities of an organisation.
In charitable terms an authorised bestowal or conferment of cash.
Grant Making Trust
A charity with a permanent foundation which uses its capital or income to make grants to charitable purposes.
Grant, Pump-Priming
Money paid to enable a charity to commence its programme of operations.

Government subsidy subject to certain conditions.

A subsidy from public funds paid by government in aid of some public undertaking.

In charitable terms, a private subsidy resembling a subsidy resembling a government grant-in-aid.

Activities related to uncovering funding sources, developing proposals for funding, and realising the funds.
A sum of money without any deductions, particularly tax deductions.
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