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title:Epistemological challenges

This section provides commentaries on epistemological challenges related to the Global Strategies and Solutions area of the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

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title:10.5 Constraints on a meta-answer

1. Constraints

To avoid creating the impression that the previous argument amounts to pluralist relativism, it is necessary to clarify some constraints which counteract such a condition before taking the argument a step further. Ranges of possible constraints have been explored elsewhere (Encyclopedia, Section KP, 1991). At this point it is appropriate to list the following:


title:10.4 Beyond method

The difficulty in taking the argument beyond that of the previous notes lies in the manner in which conventional notions of method are undermined beyond this point. Basically acceptable methods are associated with particular domains or groups of domains. Attempts to apply a given method to "all" domains are only possible if the method is used to pre-define many domains as "irrelevant". Methods as answers, or as aspects of an answer, are thus subject to limitations.



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